Films about fights without rules and street fights

One of the most spectacular and keeping even the most sophisticated viewer in constant tension are deservedly considered paintings with hand-to-hand fights. We bring to your attention a list of the best films about street fights and fights without rules.

Jaw (2017)

Veteran boxer Jimmy McCabe never got anything in his life for nothing. To get what he wanted, he always had to sweat a lot. Nevertheless, the hero of the film managed to create a strong family, and the coaches promised a brilliant career and success.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

But fate decreed otherwise – overnight, Jim loses everything that is dear to him. Filling grief with alcohol, he did not notice how he fell to the bottom. However, this is not the last blow – creditors are ready to take away the parental home for debts. Then the athlete decides to take part in fights without rules and try to normalize his life.

Reluctant Fighter (2011)

Due to well-staged fight scenes, the action movie is rightfully included in the list of the best films about fights without rules. Scott is considered the best in illegal fights, he has more than a dozen victories behind him. One day before the fight, the boss tells the athlete to lose the fight. However, the stubborn fighter disobeyed the will of the chief and did everything in his own way.

Having knocked out the enemy, Scott decides to run away, taking with him a large amount of cash. The hero believes that he will be able to outwit the local mafia, but everything turns out exactly the opposite. The money at stake now hangs a huge debt on the older brother, Shane, who will have to pay the bills for the self-confidence of the unlucky relative.

Arena (2011)

Money-obsessed and bloodthirsty businessman Logan creates a website that hosts deadly gladiator fights online. However, the roles of fighters are played not by professionals, but by ordinary guys kidnapped by the “watchdogs” of the sadist.

Soon the fanatic has a new toy – firefighter David Lord. He recently buried his wife, and filled the bitterness of loss with alcohol, which brought trouble on himself. Now the prisoner has two options – die or fight. The list of victims is growing, but soon David manages to get information that can destroy the criminal nest once and for all.

Fight without rules (2009)

Coming from the outback to the city of great opportunity, New York, Sean is forced to survive with intermittent earnings to support his existence. However, the reality is much harsher than expectations. So, trading in fakes, Sean becomes a victim of scammers, by whose will he is left without most of his goods.

In the course of this brawl, fate brings Sean together with an inveterate swindler Harvey, who never misses a chance to “warm up” on someone. The schemer invites Sean to take part in street fights, and himself as a manager. The hero manages to knock out the leaders of the competition overnight, but the main battle is yet to come. The picture is one of the best films with underground fights.

Fighters (2011)

Bob and Charlie are siblings, always ready to stand up for each other. Having been fond of martial arts since childhood, these warriors are accustomed to not letting anyone down. In search of new sensations and quick money, the guys began to participate in underground battles.

In one of the fights, protecting his brother, Charlie gets a serious injury, which puts an end to his career once and for all. Over time, Bob decided to “thank” his relative in his own way and seduced his wife. Not expecting such a betrayal, Charlie conceived revenge and began to train hard to fight in mortal combat against his brother.

Resistance (2010)

The really cool fights in this movie are best watched over a glass of beer in good company. Brandon is an excellent street fighter. By the will of fate, he must flee, hiding from a criminal gang. The bandits dealt with his brother, who worked for the special services “undercover”. At the same time, a large sum of money disappeared, and the guy has no opportunity to pay off the debt.

Settling in a provincial town in the house of his father, the fighter begins a new quiet life. While working at a construction site, the guy tries not to draw attention to himself, but soon he meets a pretty girl who has a brother who is a champion in street fighting. The local favorite makes it clear that Brandon is no match for his sister. In an effort to prove the opposite, he decides to take part in the upcoming championship.

Never Give Up (2008)

Jack Tyler’s younger brother needs the support of loved ones as he tries to climb the ranks in the world of tennis. Jack, without thinking twice, agrees to move to another city, where his merits in the youth football team, as it turned out, mean nothing. The guy instantly loses the accumulated authority and becomes limp.

Soon school friend Baya invites the hero to have a great evening in one of the local clubs, where he gets into a fight. Having been defeated, the offended guy promises to get even with the offender. Driven by vengeance, he turns to a martial artist for help. The teacher agrees to teach Jack in exchange for the fact that the knowledge he has gained will not be used for personal gain.

Blood and Bone (2009)

Having been released from prison , Isan, nicknamed “Bone”, is looking for a way to fulfill a promise made to a friend who died in the “zone” – to take care of his family. In Los Angeles, the hero rents a room from the mother of many children, Tamara, for whom he begins to develop feelings.

Soon, Isan began to participate in street fights, regularly winning victories. Over time, he manages to reach a major organizer of illegal fights, James, who is imprisoned by the wife of his deceased comrade. To free the girl and the kidnapped child along with her, the fighter will have to fight the strongest participant in the illegal championship. This film is on the list of the best about street fights.

Set up (2008)

Dodgy swindler Michael Dublin made his fortune in underground street fighting. Making machinations after machinations, the seasoned crook is forced to constantly hide from the acquired enemies. Soon he meets a girl who is fluent in martial arts, and the lives of both change radically.

Organizing illegal fights, the newly minted partners ply the country, skimming the cream from each fight. But sooner or later everything comes to an end – the ghosts of the past begin to step on the heels of the adventurer. To stay alive, Michael will need to pull off one of his most ingenious combinations.

Fight Club (1999)

This film is a real legend of the genre, definitely included in the top action movies about fights. The main character is an ordinary clerk whose life is boring and monotonous. He is a typical yuppie, and only two things are valuable in his life – career success and personal well-being. Everything changes from the day you meet an unusual person – Tyler Darden.

He kind of jokingly suggested that his new friend “beat” him with a good cuff. So friends found for themselves a great way to “blow off steam”, which many liked, and soon a mysterious organization “Fight Club” was born in the basement of an ordinary bar, the first rule of which was not to tell anyone about its existence.

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