The best action films filmed in the 90s

Despite the fact that in the 90s filmmakers did not have the opportunity to shoot action films with impressive budgets, and then there were no modern wonders of modern computer graphics, this did not stop many of the projects from gaining cult status. In the presented list of the best foreign action films of the 90s, you will find only the classics of the genre with its recognized stars.

Under siege (1992)

In the story, the former commando elite, under the guise of accompanying a musical group planning to perform in front of military sailors, find themselves on a ship with nuclear weapons. Hoping to capture ammunition, they eliminate a significant part of the team.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

Having begun to blackmail the authorities, the criminals do not realize that they will have to face a serious enemy. It turns out that the cook (Steven Seagal) on the ship is a former Marine who does not intend to tolerate the insolence of intruders.

Independence Day (1996)

This foreign action movie of the 90s is now considered one of the most famous films with Will Smith. On July 2, 1996, earthlings face an alien invasion . No one knows how such a phenomenon could turn out, but the US president is doing everything possible to reassure his compatriots.

It soon becomes clear that the intentions of the unexpected visitors are far from peaceful. Further events are shown from the point of view of three heroes: the president, the scientist and the military pilot. Each of them understands that the aliens are not in the mood for negotiations, and their goal is the destruction of the Earth.

Mission Impossible (1996)

With this film, the famous franchise with Tom Cruise began, which is still successful at the box office. It turns out that a double agent has appeared in the CIA’s Prague bureau . To reveal the “mole”, the abduction of operatives is staged.

Suddenly, someone begins to liquidate the employees of the Prague CIA. Ethan Hunt miraculously manages to survive, but it is he who is accused of killing his colleagues. The hero has only one way to remove all charges from himself: go underground and try to find the traitor on his own.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

This project by James Cameron is an example of a rare phenomenon when the second part of the film is more popular than the first, and the list of the best foreign action movies of the 90s is almost unthinkable without it. More than ten years have passed since the cyborg-terminator tried to kill Sarah.

During this period, the heroine became the mother of a boy who is destined to win the war of humanity against robots in the future. From the future, the terminator arrives again, who is now able to take on any guise, and intends to kill the young Connor. Another cyborg comes to help John.

Hitmen (1995)

Robert Wrath (Sylvester Stallone) has long been considered one of the best mercenaries in the country, taking on even the most seemingly hopeless orders. Over time, he decided to retire, not realizing what unpleasant consequences this could turn out to be.

An ambitious killer Miguel enters the game, who is convinced that he can only lead the list of mercenaries if he eliminates the main competitor – Rat. From the first attempt, he fails to carry out his plans, but now a deadly confrontation cannot be avoided, because Robert realized that he was openly hunted.

Universal Soldier (1992)

In this foreign action movie of the 90s, two stars of the genre are present at once – Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren. So, Vietnam 1969. After irreconcilable differences, the soldiers Scott and Luke enter into a confrontation that ends badly for both.

Subsequently, they turn out to be experimental subjects in a dangerous experiment, and years later they again fall into the same squad – the unit of “universal soldiers”, designed to perform the most dangerous tasks. Remembering the past insult, Scott decides to finally get even with Luke.

Runaway (1993)

Surgeon Richard Kimble (Harrison Ford) is accused of killing his wife. Despite the widower’s statements that he personally found an unknown criminal in the house, he is still sentenced to death. During transportation, one of the criminals starts a riot, and the bus overturns.

Richard saves the guard while he escapes. At the scene of the accident are marshals who immediately take up the investigation of the incident. After reviewing the list of clues, Detective Samuel Gerard begins to suspect that Kimble has been wrongly framed for the murder.

Die Hard 2 (1990)

The second part of this foreign action movie was released in the 90s, and not only turned out to be no worse than its predecessor, but is also considered one of the best films in the career of Bruce Willis. The events take place a couple of years after the capture of Nakatomi Plaza. Christmas is approaching again , and this time John is at the airport, waiting for his wife to arrive.

Soon, the detective begins to feel that something is wrong in the building, and his fears are confirmed. Terrorists seize the airport, hoping in this way to force the authorities to release the dictator Valverde. Of course, the villains did not even know what kind of enemy they would face.

Matrix (1999)

Thomas Anderson (Keanu Reeves) is forced to lead a double life. Working as a programmer in a reputable organization, at night he is engaged in hacking. One day, he receives an incomprehensible message saying that he is “bogged down in the Matrix”. Shortly thereafter, an unknown interlocutor instructs him to follow a certain white rabbit.

That same night, he meets a girl named Trinity in a nightclub, and she promises to reveal to him the amazing secret of the Matrix. Before the amazed Andersen, the stunning truth about everything he has become accustomed to in his life is revealed.

Rock (1996)

Closes the list of foreign action films of the 90s is the film, whose stars are Nicolas Cage, Sean Connery and Ed Harris. According to the plot, General Francis Hummel lost more than 80 marines during the next operation.

He is outraged that the government does not want to pay compensation to the families of the dead, and, hoping to restore justice, takes hostages, putting forward a list of conditions. The hostages are being held on a small island, and a US Navy team plans to send the best agents to incapacitate the general.

Remember other popular action movies of the 90s? Add to the list of films in the comments!

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