The best action movies of 2018

In 2018, many interesting foreign films were presented, and among them there were many very exciting action films. We present to your attention a list of projects that deserve special attention.

Mission: Impossible: Fallout

The dangerous adventures of Ethan Hunt and his cool team – Ilsa, Benji, Luther and the head of the squad Alan Hunley continue. This time, another very colorful character joined the friends, Augustus Walker, to whom the allies are somewhat wary.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

In another part of the American film, the characters have to deal with a determined syndicate who plans to seize world domination. Several terrorist attacks have been committed, many people have died, but the criminals remain unpunished. Ethan, who himself is going through hard times, takes up the case.


In 2018, a new foreign action movie starring movie and TV series star Jason Momoa was released. The plot focuses on the forester Joe Braven, who lives with his family in the mountains. The territory is located on the border of the USA and Canada.

Some daring gang of drug dealers decided to temporarily hide their goods in Braven’s hut, believing that it was abandoned and no one had appeared there for a long time. Involuntarily, Joe is embroiled in a confrontation with bandits, however, being a strong and principled person, he does not intend to retreat.

Great Equalizer 2

Robert McCall, as before, is trying to help others. Having settled down in Massachusetts as a taxi driver, he notices a lot of injustice on the streets of the city and, acting as far as possible, eliminates them. He has very few real friends, and he considers Susan, who works in American foreign intelligence, to be one of such close people.

After seeing a friend on another foreign business trip, Robert soon learns that she was killed in a hotel room. McCall embarks on his own investigation, promising himself that he will certainly avenge Susan’s death.

Robbery in a hurricane

One of the coolest US foreign action films of 2018 can be called a movie, the plot of which unfolds against the backdrop of an impending hurricane. A company of robbers has planned a daring crime.

The accomplices plan to steal $600 million from the US Treasury, and a natural disaster only plays into their hands. However, the bandits have calculated far from everything. A seriously raging hurricane reaches a deadly rate, and friends have to make significant adjustments to their original plans.

22 miles

Officially, this elite unit is not listed anywhere, but this does not make the Ghosts any less real. They have to solve problems when the usual methods do not help. Almost always, the allies achieve the task, but now they will have to act at the limit of their capabilities.

The superspy of the detachment, supervised by the CIA, is sent on a difficult foreign mission: he needs to secretly take a policeman out of Indonesia. As it turned out, the cop has some information about corrupt politicians . Once on the plane, the American agent and the policeman will be safe, however, in order to reach the liner, they will have to overcome the most dangerous 22 miles.


Super cool action movies are almost unthinkable these days without Dwayne Johnson, and this 2018 movie is no exception. Will Sawyer was once a military man, but after a serious injury, he is forced to wear a prosthesis, so he remained a civilian. Now he is a specialist in security systems.

After a fatal military operation, he married a female surgeon, subsequently becoming the proud father of two children. A certain Chinese billionaire invites Will and his family to stay in his state-of-the-art skyscraper “Pearl”. Soon the building is of interest to foreign terrorists, and the main character’s family is trapped.


The plot of the film focuses on a small fighting school run by a martial artist, French, who is going through a difficult period.

Hoping to solve the financial problems that have arisen, he gives up his sports career for a while and becomes a collector under the auspices of the tough mafia Big Tommy. He easily copes with the task, but everything changes when he and his team face another task from a dangerous gangster.

Hunter Killer

The plot of this 2018 American action film focuses on an ethnic conflict that threatens to turn into a third world war. The main action takes place on the US nuclear submarine Hunter Killer.

The crew, in company with a division of the US Navy, is on an adventure, but only in this way can they save the world from an impending disaster. For the sake of preventing problems of a global scale, the military is forced to risk their lives.

Hunting for thieves

The elite Los Angeles Police Department, led by Big Nick, regularly proves his professionalism to those around him. The crime rate in the city is falling, and the key character’s cool team again and again finds itself ahead of the mafia.

However, now Nick and his employees are faced with truly dangerous personalities who constantly elude them, while devastating local banks. Soon, the police learn that behind the daring crimes is a legendary robber, who has been considered elusive for many years. The protagonist of the film understands that in this situation it will not be possible to play by the rules.

Escape plan 2

Among the foreign novelties of cinema in 2018, there is an action movie that continues the well-known story of the hero Sylvester Stallone. Some time passes after the events of the first part, and now Ray Bresley is at the head of a private security organization. One day he meets with cousin Yusheng, and he reports that he has a serious competitor – the Rashko Corporation, which tried three times to buy out his company.

Ray’s interlocutor fears that the enemies will get theirs at any cost. During the ensuing party, they are attacked by unknown masked tough guys. Breasley comes to his senses within the walls of a modern prison, from which it would seem impossible to escape.

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