The best films about police everyday life

The attitude towards cops is ambiguous all over the world. However, in the event of a threat to life or property, the first thing we do is call law enforcement. We offer you a selection of the best films about American police officers.

Training Day (2001)

Jake Hoyt, yesterday’s simple trooper, was lucky twice. Firstly, he was lucky enough to get into the elite department for combating drug trafficking. Secondly, the young cop got a real “bison”, a legend of the Los Angeles police named Alonzo, as partners. The trouble is that the old campaigner acts by illegal methods and is always ready to deviate from the letter of the law in order to solve the case.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

An experienced operative arranges a kind of training for a newly minted partner, driving him through the most nefarious places of the city and showing an unsightly underside. Hoyt understands in practice that it is impossible to fight street crime solely with the help of techniques taught in the police academy.

Assassin (2015)

An excellent American movie about police women. Over the years of serving as an FBI special agent, Kate Macy has acquired nerves of steel and other qualities necessary for such work. Having received the next task of catching criminals abroad, the girl did not imagine how difficult it would be.

Together with the ranger Alejandro and under the leadership of the head of the special operations department Matt Graver, the girl will have to infiltrate Mexico, where she needs to track down and expose the bosses of the local drug cartel. The purpose of the event is to cut off the supply of drugs to the United States at any cost. Upon arrival, the heroine of the action movie will have to go through seven circles of hell and choose what is more important: life or the task.

And Came a Spider (2001)

Alex Cross is a true professional cop. He is tasked with solving a high-profile case of the kidnapping of the daughter of a high-ranking official from a private school. The detective’s partner is Jez Flanigan, a special agent who guards the educational institution.

The kidnapper is unpredictable – he does not put forward any demands in exchange for a hostage. It turns out that the only goal of the crazy criminal is a merciless game with the police in solving peculiar deadly puzzles. The actions of the maniac , caused by mental disorders and inflamed consciousness, force the heroes to carry out painstaking and at the same time urgent work to study the habits of the villain in order to outwit him and drive him into a trap.

Sabotage (2014)

A film about dishonest American cops. DAE is a US special squad that has been fighting the drug mafia for a long time. Experts in their field, they risk their lives every day, implementing complex operations to expose criminals. In the course of the next task to capture the drug lord, the guys seize a huge batch of drugs and a tidy sum of money. On reflection, they decide to clean up dirty millions for themselves in order to comfortably spend their old age.

After a while, someone begins to methodically send the participants of that ill-fated operation to the next world. The police, confused, nevertheless try to find the killer. The cops will have to work hard to keep their skins and not declassify themselves to the authorities about their misconduct.

Patrol (2012)

Old comrades and true friends Brian and Michael are Los Angeles police patrol officers. Partners honestly serve the American people and the Law, each shift shoulder to shoulder going on duty on the streets of the metropolis. One day, the authorities entrust the brave cops with a responsible area – the troubled “South Central”, famous for rampant street crime.

The guys steadfastly serve in the new area, despite the dangers. Having stirred up the anthill of the local drug business, they provoke the wrath of the gang leader and are sentenced to destruction. Soon, in this situation, the heroes, as expected, get into an unpleasant situation with an unpredictable ending.

Brooklyn Cops (2009)

One of the best American cop movies. These three are completely different people with diametrically opposed characters, principles and outlooks on life. They are united by one thing – police service in the infamous criminal incidents of Brooklyn.

The first goes undercover and risks his life every day to expose a group of drug dealers. The second – dreams of quietly and calmly holding out until retirement, without endangering himself. The third sees the meaning of service in profit and is utterly mired in bribery. One day their destinies will cross, and all three will find themselves in trouble, forcing the heroes to radically reconsider their understanding of the essence of being.

Street Kings (2008)

Tom Ludlow is one of those who are called “dirty cops”. He serves in the special forces and sees his goal as fighting crime at any cost. Tom believes that there are no white-gloved operatives, and in the name of justice and the rule of law, there can be no restrictions.

Ludlow, without a shadow of a doubt, shoots criminals from a service magnum, without waiting for the investigation and trial, setting it up as resistance to arrest. Not all colleagues agree with Tom’s position, and one day his colleagues set him up, accusing him of a murder he did not commit. From that moment on, the guy has to fight for his life alone, surrounded by traitorous colleagues and ruthless bandits.

Miami Vice: Vice (2006)

This American film rightfully takes its place in the list of the best action films about the US police. Ricardo and Sonny are first-class specialists who, over the years of service, have sent dozens of drug dealers to jail in Miami. For a long time, the partners have been trying to get on the trail of the leader of the drug syndicate, who supplies not only hellish rubbish, but also weapons to the streets of the city. However, all implementation attempts have been unsuccessful.

One day, information reaches the police that the drug boss wants to get a new super-unique weapon – this chance could not be missed. Undercover detectives penetrate the very heart of the mafia structure and try to get hold of the information they need. Suddenly, a clearly developed plan flies to hell – Sonny falls in love with the boss’s wife, thereby endangering the operation and his own life.

Renegades (2006)

Billy Costigan is an honest cop ready for any hardship. To infiltrate a dangerous “undercover” gang, he has to commit a crime and serve time in prison. Once in the lair of the mafia, the young cop collects evidence of guilt and at the same time tries to figure out the “rat”, which leaks information about the intentions of the police.

The snitch turns out to be Colleen Sullivan, Billy’s classmate at the police academy. This exemplary officer actually secretly serves the mafia leader Frank Costello, and in the service he only receives a salary and ranks. At the same time, Sullivan is officially conducting a case to find a “mole” in the ranks of the cops.

16 Blocks (2006)

One of the most interesting foreign films about policemen. Shabby American cop Jack Mosley often abuses alcohol and quietly hates his job. A small salary and annoyed leadership is about to push the policeman to make a deal with criminals. This veteran detective has been assigned to protect Eddie Bunker, a key witness for the prosecution, who is trying to send corrupt cops to the next world.

The cunning witness terribly annoys Jack with his chatter. Great patience and steely endurance keep the cop from handing over the escorted bandits in exchange for a tidy sum. The heroes have to overcome mutual hostility and 16 blocks to the courtroom to testify against the leader of a criminal gang. This is not easy to do, as a killer lies in wait for them at every turn.

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