Attack on Titan season 4 part 2 – when is release date?

The new animated series “Attack on Titan” exceeded all expectations of film critics. The demand for the project made us think about the release of new episodes. Ultimately, the creators prolonged the anime Attack of the Titans for 4 seasons, the release date of the new series is scheduled for January 9, 2022. Director Tetsuro Araki has no doubt that the new part will be no worse than the previous ones, and will be well received by viewers.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

Monthly Japanese magazine Bessatsu Shonen Magazine has been publishing manga since 2009. However, it only managed to get the attention of the film studios in 2013. Two well-known companies, Wit Studio, and Production I.G., decided to work together and make a film adaptation. The success of the first part, consisting of 25 episodes, pleased the creators.

As a result, the project was constantly prolonged, and now the authors are beginning to discuss the release date of season 4 of the anime series Attack of the Titans. The fourth season premiered in December 2020. After showing 16 episodes, the authors made a first in broadcasting the anime and set the release date of the new episodes for January 2022.

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The action takes place in an alternate world where an unknown race has invaded the planet and destroyed almost all of humanity. The world is not like the old one. Now it’s rare to find people in a good mood. Everyone is trying to keep their loved ones safe by not letting the giant monsters kill any member of the family. Repeatedly mankind has sought to repel the attack of the titans, but attempts have been defeated.

Eren and Mikasa are adopted, relatives. They were recently orphaned after the death of their physician mother. The boys take the death of their parents with great difficulty and vow to avenge their mother’s murder. The heroes join a resistance squad that prevents an attack by the titans. The boys pursue the goal of learning the necessary skills to fight the enemy. After a while, the brother and sister manage to find a third ally, Armin, ready to assist in the fight to destroy the enormous creatures.

According to the authors, the continuation of the anime “Attack of the Titans” will tell that Eren decides to find a use for the key, left him by his father before his disappearance. He is convinced that this gift has some kind of power and only the guy is destined to get it. Is the young man’s conclusion correct and will the decision lead to the realization of his life goal?

Now, after the information about the continuation of the anime project, all fans want to know when to expect the release of new episodes. The creators are not yet ready to announce a new release date for season 4, but promise to announce it soon. They will certainly strive to bring the premiere date closer and please fans with fresh episodes.

Well, we can only hope that the promise will be realized and viewers will get a chance to watch an animated series about a post-apocalyptic time, when the planet was attacked by the real titans. It will be interesting to find out what new adventures are in store for the brave trio: Eren, Mikasa and Armin. Do they have a chance to regain the planet’s tranquility? However, all the exciting details will be able to find out only after the release date of the series will be announced. According to the promise of the authors, the new part will be no less exciting and will bring a lot of fun to watch. So we just have to wait for the premiere and evaluate the plot in person.


Eren Yeager is a guy with a peculiar character. He doesn’t like what the titans are doing. After his mother is killed, the brave kid vows to avenge her death and destroy all the titans.

The family of the girl Mikasa Ackerman is brutally attacked. Her parents were killed, but she managed to stay alive thanks to Eren, her unexpected savior. More than a year has passed since the unpleasant event, but this brave person remembers everything and continues to be close to the man who protected her from death.

Armin Arlert grew up next door to Ehren. From childhood the boys were friendly and nothing has changed since then. Now the boys have formed a monster confrontation squad.

Rainer Brown is well acquainted with the Yeager family. The traveler dreams of seeing things go back to the way they were one day on the planet. A man with a firm temper and serious intentions is in no hurry to take sides, though he fights dark creatures when necessary.

The sequels

In addition to the anime, the film studio decided to make a movie about fighting super beings. In 2012 a screenplay was written for the film, and in 2015 a release took place, which eventually gathered a lot of positive feedback from the world audience.

Release date: January 9, 2022
Original name: Attack on Titan
Episodes: 10
Cast: Yuuki Kaji, Yui Ishikawa, Marina Inoue, Hiroshi Kamiya
Streaming: NHK

Episodes release schedule

Number: Release date:
Season 4 Episode 17 January 9, 2022
4×18 16.01.2022
4×19 23.01.2022
4×20 30.01.2022
4×21 06.02.2022
4×22 13.02.2022
4×23 20.02.2022
4×24 27.03.2022
4×25 06.03.2022

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