High School D×D season 5 – when is the release date?

The story of a world ruled by demons and angels was to the taste of moviegoers. For four seasons, a huge audience of viewers closely watched the development of events of the anime. Fans were impressed by the news of the renewal of the show High School Demons, the release date of season 5 remains unknown. In the new series, we will find out what will please the creators in the new part and what unpredictable turns will be filled with the next part of the adaptation of the popular manga.

In 2008, the manga “High School Demons” was published for the first time. Gradually there is a huge circle of readers. To begin the filming process the authors of the studio decide only four years later. At the request of the channel “AT-X” famous manga, where the ordinary-looking school is just teeming with dark creatures, it was decided to make an anime series. The authors do not doubt the correctness of their decision, because the number of viewers with each season is constantly increasing.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

The release date of season 5 of the anime High School Demons has not been announced, but there is unconfirmed information that there will be a sequel. If the anime is renewed, we will update the information on the website.


Many years ago, a serious conflict broke out between the inhabitants of Hell and Heaven, seamlessly escalating into war. Subsequently, demons and angels went into a decisive battle that brought major changes to the world. Even the deaths of the heads of the two worlds did not force the warring parties to conclude a truce. Despite the fact that the release date of the series has not been announced, the viewer has the opportunity to understand that the demons have learned to find hosts. More often than not, they can sneak into the body of ordinary students at the school and have complete control over their actions. The school is a great place to find a lost soul.

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An inconspicuous student, Issei Hedo has always been a gray mouse in comparison to his classmates. He had no friends, and school was a real nightmare for the modest boy, where he was periodically abused. The sequel to the anime “High School Demons” will tell you that everything suddenly changes after the first beauty of the school, Rias Gremori, pays attention to the boy.

The girl asks Issei to step aside with her for an important conversation, but instead of the expected kiss, the young man almost dies. Almost before he died, he pleaded with the demonic beings to inhabit his body. The boy’s pleas were heard and he ended up becoming a servant of one of the representatives of the dark world. Gradually, Hedo discovers that he needs to muster the courage to show strength and then he will have servants of his own.

Regardless of the fact that no release date has been set for season 5, viewers have a great opportunity to watch the previous episodes and realize that the idea of visibly climbing the demonic ladder appeals to the schoolboy. But is the demon Issei, with whom the hero has been brought together by the school, so strong that his desire can be realized?

The authors are currently working on new episodes, and the release date of season 5 is expected in 2023. They assure that they will try to minimize the waiting time for the premiere, so there is a slight ray of hope for the anime to appear on the screens much earlier than planned. Fans can only hope that the plans do come to fruition and the long-awaited new series, where the regular school is simply overrun with inhabitants of the underworld, will take place soon.

Release date: 2023
Original name: High School D×D
Networks: AT-X
Genres: Animation, Anime, Comedy, Fantasy
Episodes: 8
Cast: Yuuki Kaji, Youko Hikasa, Shizuka Itou, Azumi Asakura, Ayana Taketatsu

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