JoJo no kimyo na boken season 5 – when is release date?

The popular manga JoJo’s Incredible Adventures has been published since 1987 and has become so popular that feature films, cartoons, ranobes and other adaptations have been created based on it. In 2012, the studio David Production became interested in history, releasing 5 seasons of anime of the same name.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

The show was to the liking of viewers, which led to its purchase by the Netflix service. The streaming platform also announced the launch of the sixth season. It screens 5 parts of the original manga and in the center of the story will be the daughter of the protagonist – Jolin. The 5th season of Joe Joe’s Incredible Adventures is scheduled for December 2021.

The peculiarity of the manga is that each chapter is a new character and a new location. The heroes are united by belonging to the Kujo family. The action takes place in an alternative world, similar to the real one, differing only in that some people living in it have superpowers. These include representatives of Kujo.

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The authors noted that the sixth season is a film adaptation of the Stone Ocean. It tells the story of Jolin, the daughter of Giotro Kujo. The girl gets into an accident with her lover, but survives. She is accused of murder and sent to a maximum security colony for 15 years. The heroine has to escape and prove her innocence, because it turns out that she was set up by members of the Dio family. But whether Jolin will be able to prove her innocence, we will find out after the release date of season 5 of Joe’s Incredible Adventures. The premiere of the first series will take place on December 1, 2021.

The authors note that this is not the last season and most likely they will screen the remaining two parts, but first Netflix must make sure that the novelty is worth the investment. Its release date is December 2021. The service does not disclose whether the anime will be available with all series on the day of release or will be shown once a week.

Release date: Decemver 1, 2021
Original name: JoJo no kimyo na boken
Episodes: 39
Cast: Kazuyuki Okitsu, Tomokazu Sugita, Unsyo Isizuka
Streaming: Netflix

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