Noragami season 3 – when is release date?

Numerous fans are looking forward to the release date of the anime Noragami season 3 to see the continuation of their favorite story. This cartoon is very popular in the country of creators (Japan) and no less popular in our country.

“Noragami” is the original title of the anime that tells us about the adventures of Yato. At the moment, it has two seasons and the third is expected to be released in 2022.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

The release date of Season 3 Noragami has not yet been set. In case of extension, the premiere of the first series should be expected in 2022.

As we have already said, Yato is a god who does not have his own temple, but does good deeds. By helping people, he becomes famous and with each of his actions, people love Yato more and more. One day he saved the life of a girl from a rich family and they became best friends. But her friend is not an ordinary person, but has one ability, which since childhood she perceived as a curse. During sleep, she can move to the world of the dead. This is an amazing quality and it will come in handy in the future.


What to expect in season 3

There are several options for events, which can be discussed below. There is a possibility that due to the increase in Yato’s followers, his friendship with the girl will be interrupted and they will not communicate. Maybe he will have his own temple, which God has dreamed of for so long. But there is a high probability that the human being will prevail over the divine and he will want to remain human. All this is just speculation. Write in the comments your options for the development of events, and how it will all end.

Information for fans:

  • 156 artists worked on the creation of the anime;
  • the screening of the first series “Noragami ” took place on January 5, 2014;
  • release date of the 1st episodes of the 3rd season – 2022 (not confirmed);
  • the director’s chair was headed by Kotaro Tamura, and the screenplay was written by Deco Akao;
  • in English the name sounds “Noragami”;
  • the average duration of one series is 24 minutes;
  • the basis for the plot was borrowed from the manga of the same name by the writer Adatitoka;
  • The customer of the multi-series project is the Tokyo MX TV channel.


Yato – in the past he was a god, but events played a cruel joke on him. People forgot him and deprived him of the temple. Remaining on the street, he is forced to wander the world in search of a new home. He dreams not only of returning to his basic responsibilities, but also of becoming a god of love and kindness.

Hieri Iki is a girl who decided to save Yato from under the wheels of a bus, and suddenly she was the victim of an accident. Now she has to go to another world in the most unforeseen moments and try to help those who are in dire need of a difficult problem.

Yukine – died in his youth and does not remember anything about himself. A chance acquaintance with Yato gives you a chance to start from a new page. The former divine creature takes him under its wing and tries to teach him to live properly.

Release date: no information
Original name: Noragami
Episodes: 13
Cast: Hiroshi Kamiya, Maaya Uchida, Yûki Kaji, Bryn Apprill

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