Primal season 2 – when is the release date?

In 2020, Cartoon Network presented an animated series for adults called Primal in its nightly programming block. The show was praised by critics and the creators of the series immediately announced a sequel, but contrary to the planned release in 2021, it was pushed forward. Along with the trailer of the new episodes, the creators announced that the release date of season 2 of Primal will be as early as July 21, 2022. The author of the series was Gennady Tartakovsky, known for projects Dexter’s Laboratory, Samurai Jack and Hotel Transylvania.

A year before Primal premiered as a series, its creators showed the first four episodes in movie format, and they were nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. Tartakovsky said he got the idea for the series from the success of his previous work, Samurai Jack. The author wanted to tell a fairy tale about the friendship of a man and a dinosaur, but from the original idea of making it a story for children, he came to a darker narrative for adults during the development of the project. The second season is filmed in a similar manner of storytelling, with a release date of July 21, 2022.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

The plot in the show Primal takes viewers back to ancient times, when dinosaurs and other extinct creatures roamed the planet. In the center of the story is a primitive man nicknamed Spear. By chance, he has to join forces with a female Tyrannosaurus nicknamed the Claw in a fight with other predators that previously killed their families. The pair manage to fight back and now they continue their wanderings together, trying to survive in the brutal primitive world. Further adventures of the strange partners will be told in new episodes. The season 2 release date of the series Primal will be July 21, 2022.

A feature of the series is the complete absence of dialogue. Tartakovsky said that in the cartoon Samurai Jack dialogues were kept to a minimum, but in the new project, he decided to further develop this storytelling technique, and therefore in it no one talks, not even the main character, who is a man. The author also shared that the idea of his show did not resonate with the bosses of Cartoon Network, who thought that no one would watch a silent cartoon. But thanks to the director’s long-standing partnership with the channel, he did get permission to develop the project, and its high ratings removed doubts about the continuation, whose release date will be July 21, 2022.

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Release date: July 6, 2022
Original name: Primal
Genres: Action, Adventure, Animation, Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Cast: Aaron LaPlante, Laëtitia Eïdo, Tom Kenny
Streaming: Adult Swim

Episodes release schedule

Number: Release date:
2×1 21.07.2022
2×2 28.07.2022
2×3 04.08.2022
2×4 11.08.2022
2×5 18.08.2022
2×6 24.08.2022
2×7 31.08.2022
2×8 07.09.2022
2×9 14.09.2022
2×10 21.09.2022

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