Scumbag System season 2 – when is the release date?

In 2019, author Mo Xiang Tong Xiu introduced an unusual manga, written in the genre of the popadan. Despite its “young age,” the project immediately interested fans of the genre, which led to its adaptation. The project was released in theaters in 2021, and the release date of season 2 of the Scumbag System is announced for 2022. The show differs from typical projects in that the main character of the story, Shen Yuan, knows in advance what awaits him in the new world and he does not like it at all.

In the story, Shen Yuan is a literary critic. His task is to read numerous manga and early-breaking novels and write reviews on them. He is also very fond of Shen Qing Qiu, the main character who is repulsive and disgusting. The young man decides to write a scathing review, and the morning after publication he finds himself inside the story he read. It’s horrible because now Shen Yun is the nasty villain who annoyed him so much. The guy remembers that according to the plot as Shen Qing Qiu, he is to die, but he doesn’t like such a fate, which means the hero has to change it. The second season will continue to tell about the attempts to do this, its release date is announced for 2022.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

Shen Yun knows that the cause of his death will be his student named Lo. As a villain, he constantly tormented the guy for no apparent reason, and in the end, he pushed him into the mouth of a volcano, where the young man was reborn as a powerful demon and brutally destroyed the offender after years. The boy does not want to mock his apprentice, and the idea of a painful death is not close to him, but it is not easy to change fate.

Scumbag System season 2 release date
It turns out that Shen Qing Qiu is obliged to act according to the prescribed plot, otherwise a terrible punishment awaits him. The former literary critic is involuntarily forced to behave viciously, but by chance, he manages to break the rules and win partial freedom. The release date of season 2 of the anime Scumbag System is set for 2022, viewers will continue to watch the adventures of the hero.

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Shen Qing Qiu finds a loophole that allows him to partially influence events, but the main difficulty remains relevant: he unwittingly continues to oppress his student and leads him to his death, which will inevitably be followed by the death of the hero himself. Shen must find a way to befriend his mentee, but how to do it, he has no idea. Whether he can survive and not kill Lo will be shown in the second season. Its release date is announced as 2022. There is a chance that the season will be the final season, as the manga is on hiatus and its creator is in no hurry to work on the continuation.

Release date: 2022 (in production)
Original name: Scumbag System season 2
Episodes: 10
Cast: Wu Lei, Shen Dawei
Streaming: Tencent Video

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  1. Anna

    Shitty base info here. You go on and on about manga this manga that. Scumbad system ain’t even a manga, and mo xiang rong xue really ain’t manga artist. She writes novels..

    And all ur previous dates are off, so release date may as well be wrong as well.
    A very “not fact based article” here.. Eeeshh

    1. Scumbag


  2. Lisa

    I know this article is a few months old now, but wow tell me you know nothing about the series without telling me you know nothing about the series.

    SO much wrong info lmao. He’s not a literary critic, he’s a rich college student who reads webnovels online for fun and leaves bad reviews because he likes to argue with people online. He gets into such a heated online argument that he literally chokes and dies in front of his computer. And it’s Luo Binghe, there is no one name Lo in the book.

    Also, it’s based on a webnovel, not a manga. The manhua (it’s Chinese, not Japanese) was put on hiatus due to company conflicts, but the novel has been finished for years now, so there is no reason the animation can not be continued.

  3. NOX

    Kesinlikle devam edilmeli eğer edilmezse intahar edeceğim gerçekten yeter ya niye koskoca dünyada 3-4 tane bl tarihi anime var hatta dizi olarak bile aradığımda adam akıllı bi sonuç veremiyorlar bu ne ya eğer devam ederseler ayrıca fikrim:
    Öğrenci kötü adam haline dönüşerek hocasını bulsun ve her şeyi hocası onun iyiliği için yaptığını düşünsün ve onunla aşk yaşasınlar ☺️

  4. Xiao li

    It’s so funny that I wait till now but nothing update even a single thing

  5. Arshitha

    I love this anime. It’s so interesting to watch Sqq’s reactions. I was so sad it finished soon. I hope you guys will continue it soon. Thank you 😉.

  6. Peerless Cucumber

    This description is absolutely HORRIBLE! WHAT THE HELL? It’s as if you literally skimmed the back of one of the novels, but not even that- this is actually offensive!

    1. extra of the extra

      woahh, what a name😏

  7. Xin yue

    Nothing true here at least edit your writings they are way too wrong the story is amazing i wish it will come back soon🥺🥺🥺

  8. Acesurdity

    It is truly amazing that you couldn’t even bother to look up the Wikipedia page for this. Like this is almost an impressive level of half-assed

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