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Spy Family is a manga from Japan that began publishing in 2019. The project came out once a week with a regular issue and was distributed for free online. Later the manga was released in paper format, combining individual episodes into 8 large issues. In 2021, information from WIT Studios and CloverWorks appeared, announcing the release of a television adaptation. The release date for the anime Spy Family is set for April 2022. The first season consists of 24 issues, they will be shown with the division into 2 parts. The project was directed by the venerable director Kazuhiro Furuhashi.

Family Spy is an animated project created in the genre of comedy. At the center of the story is a man nicknamed Twilight. He is an enigmatic man who works as a spy. He is considered the best in his business and he acts from the shadows, remaining unrecognized. For these qualities, the hero is nicknamed Twilight.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

The man is an orphan, and his parents were killed in the war when the boy was young. For this reason, the hero has a desire to protect all children, which he tries to achieve by working as a spy. In the new series, the hero is assigned a mission. It will force him to act openly for the first time. The show’s release date is April 2022.

Twilight needs to keep the peace in the two states, but he must act not by behind-the-scenes intrigue. A man needs to join a government agency, but it only selects family people with children. The hero adopts a little girl named Anya and also enters into a fictitious marriage with a mysterious woman named Yor. Dusk does not reveal the true goals of the newly married family members, and Yor thinks that Anya is the daughter of her first marriage. The girl has a secret of her own – she is a professional assassin, which will come as a surprise to the spy when the truth comes out. The release date for the anime The Spy Family is April 2022.

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While acquiring families, Twilight is actively immersed in the execution of the mission, but also fulfills the role of a caring father and husband. This is a novelty for the hero, as he has been living as a recluse and has not made any new acquaintances. As the plot develops, the hero comes to think that his spy activity is not the only important thing, but how to admit to the fictitious family, for what he started it all and not to lose them, the guy does not know. Anya comes to the rescue because it turns out that she is a mind reader and is the only family member aware of the situation correctly. The release date is April 2022.

Release date: April 2022
Original name: Spy X Family
Episodes: 12
Cast: Loid Forger, Yor Forger, Anya Forger
Streaming: TV Tokyo

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