The Fruit of Evolution season 2 – when is release date?

The manga Fruit of Evolution appeared in 2014, but was not a great success. In 2017, a large Japanese publishing house bought the publishing rights, spreading the story of a guy named Seiichi who finds himself in a parallel world. The project is a harem film intertwined with the popadan genre, which is popular with anime fans. In 2021, the first season of the anime adaptation was presented and warmly received by the audience. The release date for season 2 of The Fruit of Evolution is expected in 2022. The project has 12 episodes of 25 minutes each.

At the center of the story is a young man named Seichi. He is a typical high school outsider. He is fat and not very handsome, and the guy is also willing to kill for food. For this reason, he is not tolerated by his classmates and is constantly bullied. The guy is a typical loner with no friends, but fate decides that he will have to change. The second season, whose release date may be in 2022, will continue to tell the story. Seitya’s life will take a strong turn after being moved to a parallel world where magic is no stranger and people can get pumped up.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

The story will begin with a voice in the school on a normal day. He declares himself a god and says that all students need to split into pairs to move to another world. This will help them adapt and survive in it. As a loner, Seiichi finds himself without a pair, so unlike his classmates, who are in populated areas, he finds himself in the middle of the forest, where there are wild animals and danger lurks.

The Fruit of Evolution
The guy’s first encounter turns out to be with a huge monkey, but it does not pay attention to the young man, but accidentally drops a fruit, which gives the guy an unusual feature. It becomes poisonous, which helps him stand up to the animals in the forest, and the predators he defeats give the hero his skills and strength. In the new episodes, viewers will continue to watch Seitya’s adventures. The release date for season 2 of Fruit of Evolution is 2022.

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As the plot unfolds, the hero will have to learn that his classmates got great skills and abilities that turned them into heroes at once. The guy will have to get out of the forest, but this adventure will give him confidence, introduce him to new creatures that will become his friends and only after that he will have to meet his former classmates. The guy will have a choice to take revenge or forgive his abusers, and the new episodes will tell about the path he chooses. The show will be released in 2022.

Release date: 2022 (in production)
Original name: The Fruit of Evolution: Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made
Episodes: 12
Cast: Hiro Shimono, Kana Hanazawa
Streaming: Tokyo MX

( 6 assessment, average 4.67 from 5 )
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  1. Mohd Usman khan

    I am very happy to hear that its second season is coming thank you very much and keep up the hardwork you guys do on creating the anime’s
    Please upload its season second as soon as possible thanks

    1. Yes

      I also very excited for season 2 have been scrolling through Google to find official release date for season 2 but they say its still unknown. Hope we can get season 2 by the end of September 2022 recommend this anime surprisingly nice. Anyone have any anime recommend actions for me while I wait for season 2?

      1. Alec

        I’f you haven’t seen darling in the franxx I actually hugely recommend that one while we wait. It’s a really good 24 episode series and it’s story is all cleared up in that 24 episodes. Or I’d recommend the strongest sage with the weakest crest. Or even better arifureta- from commonplace to worlds strongest i am very very much enjoying every bit of arifureta and season 2 was just released as well on fundimations and I’ve actually already re-watched the first season and a few episodes many times because it’s so good ?

        1. KOLs

          Thx for the recommendation

  2. Victor Jones

    Yes, I really liked the season 1 and can’t wait for season 2 of “Fruit of evolution”.

  3. Shivam kumar

    Please release second season????❤️❤️????????
    Love from India ????????

    1. Shivam kumar

      The fruit of evolution

  4. pakko

    There would be season2 have.Because he is not meet his/her friend and after aslo not deafeted the demon lord .

    That’s all

  5. rosoagadaniel

    da se merita acest anime este unul foarte bun din multe puncte de vederte

  6. Anthony Aguilar

    Yo pienso que el anime deja mucho emoción al final con el super héroe se vale una segunda temporada por qué el anime es bueno tiene de todo un prota roto waifu etc

  7. hunter skaggs

    yes i enjoyed those 12 episodes and cant wait until season 2

  8. GHOUST Phantom

    Love the show and plz make a second season and don’t disappoint because I have high hopes for this anime it is in my top 10 most favorite anime shows

  9. Shia

    Yes you have to make the 2 part

  10. Prasad pawar

    Yes they should release 2 season

  11. Somon

    the evolution fruit season 2

  12. Rohit k

    I Am waiting for season 2 for so long time fainly is coming I can’t wait for it please upload the season 2 episodes as soon as possible ????????

  13. Donald

    I can’t wait to hear about the confirmation of the fruit of evolution season 2 and to be able to watch it hopeful sooner the better love the anime!! Funny as s***😅

  14. mona singh

    is it released ????

  15. Kailash chand verma

    I really like fantasy magic anime and that’s same thing that I want I love it. I can’t wait to watch 2nd season

  16. yupilola art

    This anime is one of the best Isekai anime I have watched. this anime is really full of inappropriate things but it is a good anime overall. for my comment it must get a sequel. on 1849 people voted 8.6.So we are waiting for a season 2.

  17. TheGameryPlays

    it is worth it to make a sequel i think atleast its a very good anime

  18. user

    I am going to go ahead and save this post for my sister for their study project for school. This is a beautiful site by the way. Where did you pick up the template for this web page?

  19. Ellis

    Check out overlord , black clover , plunderer , fruit of evolution , rimuru( that once time I reincarnated as a slime) , the 8th magician and demon march rapsody.

  20. manga man

    I think it is amazing and yes it is worth a sequel.

  21. forgetful 'poster' *not nailed down*

    this is good, so is ‘that time I got reincarnated as a slime’,

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