Solar Opposites season 3 – when is the release date?

In 2018, it became known that the service Hulu ordered the production of two seasons of a new animated project from the authors of Rick and Morty, Justin Roiland and Mike McMahanom. The series began in 2020 and immediately received an extension for a third season. Released in 2021, the season consolidated the success of the first season, and therefore work on the show continued. The release date for season 3 of the animated series Sunny Opposites is expected on July 13, 2022. There is information that in the new season, the number of episodes increased from 8 to 12. All episodes will be available on the day of release.

Sunny Opposites is a new animated comedy in the sci-fi genre. The authors in it continue to speculate on the topic of the existence of aliens and their possible relationship to earthlings. The action in it unfolds far from Earth on the planet Shlorp. It is inhabited by different kinds of intelligent beings, who managed to build a harmonious and utopian society. Due to some disaster, the planet was destroyed, so its inhabitants scattered to different ends of the universe in search of a new place to live. The five heroes crashed on Earth, where their adventures take place, which will continue to be shown in new episodes, whose release date will be July 13, 2022.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

The main characters in the narrative are the aliens Korvo and Terry. They are accompanied by replicants Yumyulak and Jesse, as well as a certain living species named Pupa. He appears to be something of a pet, but in fact Pupa, when he grows up, must terraform the planet to make it habitable for all aliens. The characters’ lives on Earth don’t play out the same way. Terry is excited by Earth food, television and other phenomena previously unknown to him. Korvo hates Earthlings and dreams of repairing the ship as soon as possible to fly away.

Replicants have to go to school, where they are often bullied because of their alien origins. In the new series, the heroes will have to become a real family in order to achieve what they want – to leave the planet or finally settle down on it. According to confirmed information from hulu representatives, the release date of Solar Opposites season 3 is scheduled for July 13, 2022.

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The authors have revealed that the third season will have a separate focus on Yumulak’s wall. He has a shrinking beam with which he makes unwanted earthlings microscopic and settles them in a kind of tank called the earth. It is periodically mentioned in individual episodes, but in the third season, viewers will see that the shrunken earthlings have established a new settlement in the aquarium, where the history of mankind has received a new round of development. The release date of the new episodes is July 13, 2022.

Release date: July 13, 2022
Original name: Solar Opposites
Networks: Hulu
Genres: Science Fiction, Comedy
Episodes: 11
Cast: Justin Roiland, Thomas Middleditch, Sean Giambrone, Mary Mack

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