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Sometimes even the most harmless gatherings with friends turn into a grandiose drinking party until the morning with all its attributes. Why this happens – see the most carbon-fueled comedies about parties and hangouts of recent years.

Project X: Dorvali (2012)

The protagonist of the film, Thomas, is an ordinary teenager, shy, untalented and unremarkable. One day, he and two fellow nerds decided that it was time to tell the world about himself. The occasion was good – the hero’s birthday. Therefore, they began with the organization of a powerful, by their standards, party. For this, several acquaintances from the area were invited. Moreover, the parents left home for the weekend.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

However, the good news quickly spreads, and half the city of youth gathered for the holiday. The instigators of the celebration were despondent when the pool filled with half-naked young furies splashing around to the wild roar of music, but it was too late.

Bachelor Party in New Orleans (2011)

A comedy about parties and parties of teenagers who decide to become avid revelers. Three bosom friends, Scotty, Mike and Bob, are diligent students in college, but do not mind having fun in their free time. Mike has already found a soul mate and considers himself a mature man, Scotty is still a virgin, and Bob the rake is constantly looking for adventure and is always ready to break away to the fullest. Despite the different characters and circumstances of their personal lives, the three students get along well with each other.

The next weekend, falling on Mardi Gras (analogue of Maslenitsa), Mike’s girlfriend wanted to spend with her parents, and the guys did not fail to take the opportunity to throw a dizzying party in hospitable New Orleans.

Friday (2016)

An over-wealthy even by Moscow standards, a young man named Misha decided to spend a pleasant Friday night at his close friend’s trendy nightclub. The comrade, without thinking twice, offered the gambling young millionaire an interesting bet – Mikhail should work the whole party as a simple waiter and earn 10,000 rubles in tips for a shift.

The condition of the dispute was to match the income of friends – the winner should get the prestigious foreign car of the loser. Everything would be fine, but the pompous major is not used to being a lackey. Now he has a difficult mission – throughout the evening to please every visitor to the tavern.

Crazy Thirty (2016)

An excellent American comedy about a party with an unpredictable ending. Evie, Katie, and Charlie are childhood friends, each with different lives. Kate, undergoing one after another failure on the love front, gives herself entirely to work. Married Evie is endlessly terrorized by her husband’s relatives. Charlie, too, is not all as sweet as we would like. The daily routine is pretty fed up with the girls , and life does not bring the desired satisfaction.

Kate’s 30th birthday is a great option to get away from the boring routine. Faithful friends organize a party for the birthday girl, seemingly foreshadowing nothing. However, at one point something went wrong, and the holiday turns into madness.

New Year corporate party (2016)

The events of the film unfold around relatives “ardently loving” each other. Not long ago, Carol got the position of managing director of a reputable company, and on the eve of the New Year she decided to check how her silly brother was managing the affairs of one of their branches. Having studied the reporting with passion, she announces at the meeting that the company is unprofitable and cancels the upcoming New Year’s corporate party.

However, Carol’s brother, Clay, and his friend Josh threaten to fix the situation by signing a lucrative contract with Walter Davis. The meeting of bosom friends with the financial giant failed. Seeing the hopelessness of the current situation and spitting on the sister’s ban, the rioters plan to throw a super party with a sea of ​​​​alcohol and hot chicks, to which the tycoon Davis is invited.

Neighbours. On the warpath (2014)

One of the best movies on our list of teen party comedies.

The tranquility of a quiet, intelligent-looking family with a small child immediately stops with the advent of new neighbors. Noisy students prefer bold parties with a large number of guests. Rivers of alcohol, loud music and the outrageous behavior of party-goers infuriates a married couple.

Attempts to peacefully resolve the conflict have not been successful, and a bitter war flares up between the parties. Neighbors who have become enemies in pursuit of proving their superiority over each other begin to use the most ridiculous means in the fight against their offenders.

Supernyan (2014)

Francois has many undeniable advantages: he is young, ambitious and passionate about success. In the hope of a sharp career rise, the guy agrees to a part-time job as a nanny for the child of his boss. The trouble turned out to be that the offspring of the boss, Denis, is a spoiled, uncontrollable child with whom the young teacher did not immediately get along.

Soon, the baby’s parents decided to spend the weekend on vacation outside the city – after all, a reliable caring “nanny” will remain at home. The planned event coincided with another significant date – the thirtieth birthday of Francois. Naturally, friends came to congratulate the hero of the day, because how can you not take the opportunity and throw a party in a chic house?

Do not enter, we are not dressed (2013)

Unforgettably funny teen comedy about parties. The heroes of the film, Jeff and Ben, were reputed to be crazy and were friends from childhood, but at one time their paths diverged. Years later, young people met and decided to have a crazy time in a nightclub. There, the guys were offered to take part in a porn film festival. At first, the guys easily agreed to the adventure, but soon the insight came that the plot of the picture is primitive: there will be only two heroes, and both are gay.

Realizing the seriousness of the situation, the future actors were horrified – after all, both were straight, and never thought about same-sex love. Ben was also an exemplary family man. The most interesting thing began after his wife found out about the idea.

Bachelors in Vegas (2013)

Finally, Claire has achieved the cherished dream of all girls – she is getting married! Almost everything is ready for the event, the wedding ring sparkles on the finger, and the future bride glows with happiness. There remains a pleasant formality – to throw a reckless bachelorette party!

For this purpose, the heroine’s sister Leslie and friends Zoey and Janet are not sent anywhere, but to the holiday city of Las Vegas. Having drunk plenty in the full breadth of the girl’s soul, the girlfriends remember practically nothing of what happened. However, it turned out that one of the cameras recorded everything that happened. What they saw struck the young beauties to the depths of their souls, who considered themselves modest, well-mannered girls.

21 and over (2013)

A raunchy comedy film about a teenage party. Jeff Cheng is a young man who has an important job interview. Wanting to pass the exam successfully, the guy makes the difficult decision to give up celebrating his birthday. However, his faithful friends do not like such self-sacrifice, and they are trying in every possible way to convince their comrade.

Unable to withstand the pressure, Cheng agrees with the persuasion of his friends, and they go to a local eatery. After a couple of glasses of foamy beer, the holiday begins to gain momentum. The heroes are drowning in a sea of ​​fun adventures with a lot of alcohol and hot girls, and their actions become more and more reckless every minute.

Do you know other comedies about wild parties and hangouts? Add to the list of films in the comments!

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