Comedy about relationships between spouses

We offer you to familiarize yourself with an interesting selection of comedies about family relationships in which couples are faced with a crisis in marriage or simply got into a delicate situation. Husbands and wives have to go through difficult life situations and find a way to get out of them with the least loss.

Love Formula for Married Men (2009)

Jason lived with Cynthia for eight years, but gradually the marriage begins to break down. The Smiths want to strengthen the union and for this they decide to participate in a special program held on a secluded island.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

Entrepreneurial spouses will find out that you can get a good discount if you go with a large group. Two more couples go to therapy, planning to just relax on the beach. However, it turns out that participation in the program is a prerequisite for staying on the island.

Mr and Mrs Smith (2005)

Perhaps one of the most famous comedies about family relationships is a film about John and Jane, who got married almost immediately after a romantic acquaintance. Five or six years after the wedding, the couple enter a period of crisis in their relationship and turn to a family psychologist.

In the course of the film, it turns out that each of them for several years is forced to hide from the second half of the main occupation. Coincidentally, Jane and John are hitmen who are considered experts in their field.

I Think I Love My Wife (2007)

Having married Brand, Richard was so enamored with her that he could not believe his luck. However, a few years pass and the former enthusiasm disappears. Despite the fact that two children are growing up in marriage, his wife is just as beautiful, and his career is developing quite successfully, Richard still feels bored.

The Coopers quarrel more and more often, but soon the husband finds an outlet in an old friend Nikki, who suddenly returned to her hometown. The hero is seriously interested in the girl, while feeling that he is making a mistake.

The Story of Us (1999)

A very touching and penetrating comedy about a husband and wife, starring 90s film stars Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer. In the story, Katie and Ben have been married for 15 years. Despite having two children, the couple decide to separate.

Mutual grievances and claims that have accumulated over many years are splashing out. All attempts to save the family lead to an even greater problem. However, something still keeps them close.

The Morgans on the Run (2009)

Lawyer Paul and his wife Meryl, who works as a real estate agent, are increasingly thinking about parting. Recently, the heroine convicted her husband of treason , and he now does not know how to save the situation. One day, while discussing the details of a divorce, the Morgans accidentally witness a murder.

Soon the hunt begins for them, and the couple is forced to use the witness protection program. They have to move from a huge metropolis to a distant outback. Now they have plenty of time to sort out the difficulties. Meanwhile, an experienced mercenary is looking for them.

Your way out baby (2018)

One of the most eccentric comedies about the relationship between husband and wife, which tells about spouses who plan to end their marriage. This is not easy to do, because they have joint children. Mark plans to move to Haiti to continue his career there.

Upon learning that her husband is going there in the company of a seductive employee, Tony is doing everything possible so that the children go to him in court, and his plans are frustrated. In addition, the wife herself would like to go to Malta, where she is offered to lead a major project. Mark doesn’t want to let that happen either. The characters understand that they need to somehow “denigrate” themselves so that the judge gives the children to the other side.

Newlyweds (2003)

Tom is a young and outgoing host at the local radio station. While playing American football, he accidentally hits a girl who is resting nearby with the ball. He approaches her for an apology and an acquaintance is established between them.

Within a few weeks, Tom and Sarah want to get married, which they inform their parents about. After the wedding, they go on a romantic journey, where they begin to realize that they did not know much about each other. The first days of marriage become a difficult test for a couple.

Home video (2014)

The main characters of this comedy about a husband and wife are spouses who are tired of the routine of marriage. Annie misses the old passion in the relationship and decides to spice it up. She invites Jay to become spicy home video actors. The husband enthusiastically agrees, and this experiment really brings in the missing spark.

After a stormy night, Ann asks to get rid of the film, but the chosen one forgets to do it. The next morning it becomes known that the built-in program sent the video to all the tablets, which the spouses kindly presented to many friends and relatives. This situation brings tension to the relationship, but there is no time for quarrels: we urgently need to save our reputation!

Estate with a tail (2016)

Olive is a very successful medical woman who once met a not-so-lucky hockey player. Vivid feelings flare up between young people. Soon they decide to marry and have a charming Rottweiler.

Gradually, the dissimilarity of views on life contributes: Olive and Clay decide to get a divorce. The problem is that they both got used to the dog, and no one wants to say goodbye to her. The couple enter into a desperate struggle for their beloved pet.

Night Games (2018)

The heroes of the next comedy about married couples are Max and Annie – ordinary respectable Americans who periodically meet with friends and arrange “night games”. One day, a relative invited the couple to participate in an exciting adventure and play real detectives as part of a quest that will involve the actors “agents” and “murderers”.

During the game, the organizer of the event is kidnapped. The friends are convinced that this was part of the quest, but then they suspect that the real crime has happened. Couples have to investigate the case, sorting things out along the way and getting into trouble.

Do you know other comedies about family relationships? Add to the list of films in the comments!

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