10 best movies about politics

Films about politicians and the strongest of this world always arouse the interest of the public and critics. Watching such films, many of which are based on real events, you always start to look at known historical facts a little differently.

We bring to your attention a list of the best political films released in recent years. Many of them have received the most prestigious awards in the world of cinema, and, of course, deserve special attention.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

Power (2018)

A film about Dick Cheney, one of the most influential representatives of the American government, who preferred to remain in the background. He managed to go a long way, but the hero of this political detective was almost always behind someone’s back.

Being a shadow player and imperceptibly for the public influencing the course of US history, Dick managed to visit various positions in the government and even feel like a president, temporarily acting in his capacity. What was the path of politics to success, and how exactly Cheyne influenced the development of the state, you will learn from a fascinating project with the participation of Christian Bale.

Dark Times (2017)

One of the most famous films about politics, based on real events. The plot highlights the first and incredibly important step of Winston Churchill as Prime Minister. The British community was impressed by the successes of the Nazi army, however, the pressure and fears of other politicians did not lead the hero astray.

Subsequently, Churchill was remembered by the whole world as a man who categorically did not want to make an agreement with the Nazis, and who united around him a nation that believed him and decided to defend its borders at any cost. By the way, for the colorful role of Prime Minister Gary Oldman received an Oscar.

The Ides of March (2011)

The plot of this film about American politics is focused on the election campaign of Mike Morris, who entered the struggle for the presidency. The second key character is junior assistant Steve Meyer, a young man with a keen sense of politics and understanding when to act, how to communicate with journalists and what kind of people to cooperate with.

Meyer devotes almost all his time to work, being convinced that the boss is the most worthy of the candidates. Actively engaged in the election campaign, Steve learns some facts about Morris, and this forces the guy to lose his former confidence in the decency of the candidate.

Watergate: White House Downfall (2017)

In the list of the best political thrillers, it is certainly worth mentioning the film that concentrated on the famous scandal of the twentieth century, which went down in history as “Watergate”. Ambiguous events turned for Richard Nixon into a career collapse and premature resignation from the post of head of state.

The identity of the person who provided the world with accusatory information about the president was hidden behind a fog of mystery for a long time, but decades after the scandal, it was still open. We are talking about a principled FBI officer Mark Felt, who put his career and family life at stake in order for Americans to know the truth.

Sloane’s Dangerous Game (2016)

Elizabeth Sloan is an uncompromising and confident lobbyist. A spectacular young woman skillfully plays a psychological game, using the skill of manipulation, almost always leaving the last word. She is very demanding of herself, and expects no less zeal and dedication from her subordinates.

One day, the heroine has to face the most difficult task in her career, the victory in which has a very high price. We are talking about an amendment to the law, allowing the freedom to carry weapons. Once again, Sloan takes a position of principle.

Shooting Point (2008)

In the list of the best political detectives is a film whose plot revolves around a terrorist attack. During a public speech by the American president in Salamanca, an assassination attempt is made on him. This is followed by a strong explosion, the victims of which are hundreds of people.

The viewer is shown the entire chronology from beginning to end from different points of view. First, it is shown how these events were seen by television people, then the main characters are employees of the special services, who perceived everything differently. You can also see the tragic incident through the eyes of a passerby, a tourist, and even the head of the United States.

Frost vs. Nixon (2008)

The events of this tense political detective are based on a situation that happened in reality. The plot is built around the famous interview, considered one of the most important in American history.

Three years after his shocking resignation, Richard Nixon finally decides to break the painful silence and talk to TV presenter David Frost. Initially, the politician did not plan to share his true views on the situation, but the intellectual battle that broke out with the interviewer turned into unexpected revelations.

Death of Stalin (2017)

Fans of films about Soviet and Russian politics will certainly be interested in familiarizing themselves with the controversial project of Armando Iannucci. The thriller begins with the pianist Yudina putting a death wish on Stalin into a record package, and soon he accidentally stumbles upon this message. Laughing at what he saw, the hero falls to the floor in convulsions.

A few days later, Stalin dies, and after a large-scale funeral, a tense confrontation for power unfolds. Lavrenty Beria and Nikita Khrushchev enter the race. Each of them wants to win over the members of the Central Committee of the CPSU by all means and is looking for an approach to Stalin’s children, hoping to use them for their own benefit.

Charlie Wilson’s War (2007)

Charlie Wilson, who is among the representatives of Congress, is used to a carefree life. The lobbyist loves good whiskey, dabbles in drugs and often spends time in the company of attractive girls.

An old friend of the politician, Joanne Herring, realizing that his position is very precarious, makes Charlie go to Pakistan to meet with President Zia-Ul-Haq. Wilson reluctantly agrees, but soon sees the suffering and deprivation of the Afghans and, shocked by the sight, begins to look for a way to support the resistance forces.

Big Game (2009)

The list of the best political films is completed by a detective story about journalist McCaffrey, who took on the investigation of several brutal murders . The protagonist pays special attention to the case of the tragic death of the mistress of Congressman Collins, with whom he has long been friends.

Working through the evidence, McCaffrey uncovers a series of horrifying conspiracies related to famous politicians. The journalist understands that he will have to face very dangerous opponents.

Do you know other political thrillers and detective stories? Add to the list of films in the comments!

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