10 movies about elves, dwarves and orcs

Movies about magic, elves and other mythical characters will take you to an amazing world of wonders. Our selection in the fantasy genre will help both adults and children have an interesting time.

Snow White and the Prince of the Elves (2012)

Another interpretation of the famous fairy tale about the rivalry between the evil stepmother and the good stepdaughter. But this time, the writers decided to add something of the kind, replacing the dwarves with elves, and making Snow White a blonde. Don’t expect complicated special effects and a heavily twisted plot from the movie. It is rather a beautiful, simple, sometimes unusual and intriguing fairy tale story.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

The movie belongs to the adventure genre with elements of fantasy. It is suitable for viewing with children or for adults who love fairy tales and magic. And unlike many long fantasy films, you will spend 1.5 hours of your time on Snow White and the Prince of the Elves.

Warcraft (2016)

One of the most anticipated films about elves, dwarves, orcs and humans. Fans of the computer game of the same name were waiting for him especially eagerly. And the impatience paid off with a head, because the picture turned out to be very colorful, atmospheric and not overextended, full of dynamics, bright characters.

The plot revolves around a struggle between humans and orcs fleeing their world. Each clan is ready to do anything to protect not only the territory, but also the lives of their families. Will they be able to reach an agreement peacefully or will war not be avoided?

Brightness (2017)

Cinema for lovers of tandems of fantasy and action . The viewer moves to Los Angeles, which is inhabited not only by people, but also by characters that are more interesting and unusual. Elves occupied a separate area and consider themselves superior to others, orcs smash and steal everything around them, sometimes centaurs stroll through the streets.

The acting duet of Will Smith and Joel Edgerton turned out to be charismatic and bright. The plot of the film is rich, and the fictional alternative world is quite original. Another good work from the Netflix film company, at least whose series are the most watched in the world today.

Hobbit (2012-2014)

After the well-known “Lord of the Rings”, the trilogy about the travels of the hobbit Bilbo Baggins is perhaps the best saga about mythical characters. In these fantasy films about elves, orcs and dwarves, everything is worked out to the smallest detail on a large scale. A professional director, beautiful and successful actors, the coolest special effects… After watching it, you do not regret a single minute spent on it.

According to the plot, “The Hobbit” is the prehistory of the famous campaign with the ring and the fight against Sauron. Here, a secretive and timid hero is drawn into the struggle for the kingdom of the dwarves captured by the dragon. In addition to 13 companions on the road, he is accompanied by the wizard Gandalf, there are beautiful elves and even Gollum.

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army (2008)

While the ups and downs about the restart of Hellboy do not subside, I would like to note that the second part of the film turned out to be pretty good. At one time, she even received a number of awards, including the Oscar and Saturn awards for the best make-up and special effects. I would also like to note that Guillermo del Toro himself was engaged in directing work, whose name is already pushing many fantasy lovers to watch the movie.

The story revolves around elves embittered at all of humanity, who are opposed by Hellboy and his original team. Will they succeed, will people fall in love with the red giant, will the hero’s beloved reveal an interesting secret?

Maleficent (2014)

We will dilute the list of films about gnomes, elves and trolls with a tape about one of the most famous fairies – Maleficent. This is the same villain who put a spell on an innocent baby who was destined to become Sleeping Beauty and sleep for many years waiting for the prince. But what if this fairy was not an embittered sorceress at the whim of her soul, but suffered from betrayal, defended her world and its magical inhabitants?

The updated interpretation of the famous story with the amazing Angelina Jolie in the title role captivates with the most beautiful visual picture and the presentation of the plot, which makes you think about the alignment of the forces of good and evil.

Troll Hunters (2010)

In this story, huge trolls are not characters of fantastic and adapted realities, but harmful inhabitants of the forests of northern Norway. The government is doing its best to keep it a secret, but inquisitive students discover several individuals. Documenting their adventures on film, the guys enter into a fight with the trolls, which for some of them, and maybe for all, ends in tears.

The picture distinguished itself from the audience and critics, receiving a lot of positive feedback. The realism of everything that happens and the trolls themselves is especially noted. And many moments will definitely appeal to fans of horror and chilling adventures.

Espen in the troll kingdom (2017)

Another film about evil mythical characters released in Norway. This is an exciting fantasy adventure where an ordinary village boy saves a princess from a mountain troll. The plot is fabulous, light, perfect for family viewing.

The film contains fairies and trolls, contenders for royal treasures and the throne, beautiful nature and a recalcitrant princess. The action is somewhat reminiscent of Russian fairy tales about three brothers, the youngest of whom was not very lucky. At the same time, there is a meaning and instructive moments. Children will definitely be satisfied, but adults will not get bored either.

Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

Fantasy drama from director Guillermo del Toro, intertwining the world of fantasy and the real horrors of military events. You will not find beautiful elves in the film, but there are fairies, a mythical faun, and other ancient magical characters that are not always cute and pleasant to look at. The nature of the plot is tense and complex, because even the magical country, to which the main character is looking for a way, is not able to distract from the cruelty that has filled the world of people.

The tape was marked by a mass of rave reviews and three Oscar nominations. And the premiere in Cannes ended with a standing ovation from the audience, which lasted 22 minutes!

Elf (2003)

The last on our list of films about elves will be a sweet, kind comedy, which for many is a symbol of the New Year holidayscomparable to Home Alone. This is a modern-day tale about a child who finds himself in Santa’s house and grows up confident in his elven origin. And everything would be fine, but only in height he “a little” exceeded his fellows.

An interesting, light story with Will Ferrell and Zooey Deschanel for family viewing. Additional amenities – a beautiful picture, Christmas mood, wonderful musical accompaniment.

Do you have any favorite films about elves, mythical creatures and magical worlds? Share with us in the comments!

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