20 films about morgues and the dead

The fear that a person experiences at the thought of death is one of the most ancient and powerful phobias. A mortuary is a place where death rules the show, and a white-gloved pathologist welcomes new guests. Films that take place in the morgue are made for fans of real horror movies. In the selection, you will find creepy, but in their way interesting films in different genres – from mystical thriller to drama.

Morgue Stories 3 (2020)

In the horror film, where the narrator is a 6-year-old girl. A man with a baby in his arms hurries through the cemetery. In an abandoned building, travelers hide from the otherworldly evil that follows them on their heels, and in an empty house, a girl tells four stories in a whisper. The first horror story is about a black realtor who commits a crime for profit, the second story is about a terrorist hermit. The third story is about a singer who is ready to do anything to wake up famous. The last short story is about an unfortunate thief who has become a hostage to greed.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

Original title: Tales from the Hood 3
Genre: Horror
Actors: Tony Todd, Lynn Whitfield, Patrick Abeyar…
Country: USA
Rating: Myreleasedate – 5.1, IMDb – 4.8
Age Limits : 18+

Morgue (2019)

The Paraguayan horror film about the mortuary entered the list of the best thrillers in its country, gathering an audience of 60,000 people in its first week of release. On a deserted night highway, a young man knocks down a pedestrian and flees the scene of the crime. Returning home, Diego receives a call from an unknown number and agrees to replace the night watchman at the hospital. Arriving at the place, the guy takes over on duty, and events begin to occur around that can instill horror in anyone.

Original title: Morgue
Genre: Horror
Actors: Pablo Martinez, Willy Villalba, Maria del Mar Fernandez…
Country: Paraguay
Rating: Myreleasedate – 4.7, IMDb – 4.5
Age restrictions: 18+

Kadavr (2018)

The horror film tells about former police officer Megan Reed, who moonlights at the morgue at night and visits groups of anonymous alcoholics during the day, trying to improve her life. One day, Megan agrees to work a shift at a hospital where she was treated for drug addiction . . At night, the mutilated body of the girl is brought, and after its appearance, the horror begins to happen.

Original title: The Possession of Hannah Grace
Genre: Horror, thriller, detective
Actors: Shay Mitchell, Gray Damon, Kirby Johnson…
Country: USA
Rating: Myreleasedate – 5.2, IMDb – 5.2
Age restrictions: 18+

Voices from the Other World (2018)

A real story about a clash between the police and gangsters, turned by an entertaining director into an entertaining horror movie about a mortuary. Stenio knows everything about the criminal showdown in his city because he works in the morgue and has an incredible gift – he hears the dead. The murdered bandits gladly share their secrets with the talkative Stenio. Once one of the dead told Stenio that his wife was unfaithful to him.

Original title: Morto Não Fala
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Actors: Daniel de Oliveira, Fabiula Nassimento, Bianca Compratu…
Country: Brazil
Rating: Myreleasedate – 5.3, IMDb – 6.2
Age Limits: 18+

Lost Night (2018)

A South Korean film with an unexpected ending will not be missed by fans of Asian cinema. The body of a wealthy woman goes missing from the morgue. The circumstances of the disappearance are very mysterious – no one saw or heard anything. Now the deceased’s husband will have to spend a sleepless night answering questions from the police because the local detective suspects him of insincerity.

Original title: Sarajin bam
Genre: Thriller, detective, crime
Actors: Kim Sang-kyung, Kim Gan-woo, Kim Hee-ae …
Country: South Korea
Rating: Myreleasedate – 6.8, IMDb – 6.6
Age restrictions: 16+

Demon Inside (2016)

Among the new films of 2016, Stephen King singled out this particular foreign horror film about pathologists and called it the most successful. Father and son work as pathologists at home. Once they bring the body of a girl with terrible damage to internal organs. Relatives are engaged in an autopsy of the corpse, wondering how the outer shell could be so well preserved with such serious internal injuries. The death of the girl is shrouded in mystical mystery, and soon mysterious and terrible events will begin to occur.

Original title: The Autopsy of Jane Doe
Genre: Horror, thriller
Actors: Brian Cox, Emile Hirsch, Ophelia Lovibond …
Country: United Kingdom
Rating: Myreleasedate – 6.4, IMDb – 6.8
Age restrictions: 18+

Corpse of Anna Fritz (2015)

Anna Fritz is beautiful, young, famous, and dead. But even after her death, the body of the famous actress remains coveted by her fans. Several friends of orderly Pau persuade the young man to take them to the morgue to see the remains of the movie star. The sight of the naked body of a charming young woman leads the guys to a terrible idea – they decide to have sex with her.

Original title: El cadáver de Anna Fritz
Genre: Thriller, drama
Actors: Alba Ribas, Christian Valencia, Albert Carbo…
Country: Spain
Rating: Myreleasedate – 5.3, IMDb – 5.9
Age restrictions: 18+

See No Evil 2 (2014)

The nightmare that began in the first part is continued in a scary movie about the morgue. After the events of the first horror film, the body of psychopathic serial killer Jacob Goodnight is brought in for an autopsy. However, the maniac decides to come to life, not intending to leave this world without taking a couple more souls with him. In the same hospital, pathologist Amy and her friends are about to throw a birthday party. Now the heroes of the slasher will have to fight the shaven-headed giant behind the hospital walls.

Original title: See No Evil 2
Genre: Horror, Action, Thriller
Actors: Glen Jacobs, Danielle Harris, Katherine Isabelle …
Country: USA, Canada
Rating: Myreleasedate – 4.2, IMDb – 4.7
Age Limits: 18+

Body (2012)

Police officers are investigating the case of night guard Angel Tores, who was hit by a car. He was running and was frightened by something. During the investigation, it becomes clear that after the closing of the morgue, Tores called the police and asked to send a patrol car. The police also learned that an alarm went off in the room, and a body disappeared from compartment No. 3.

Original title: El cuerpo
Genre: Thriller, detective, crime
Actors: José Coronado, Hugo Silva, Belen Rueda…
Country: Spain
Rating: Myreleasedate – 7.4, IMDb – 7.6
Age restrictions: 16+

Mud Risen (2012)

The next movie in the selection is not included in the list of high-rated mortuary horrors, however, the Indonesian horror film may be of interest to fans of mystical tin with minimal meaning. In the center of the plot are three friends who only have fun and girls in their heads. This lifestyle does not prevent the guys from studying at the medical institute. During an internship at the hospital, friends are put in charge of the morgue, where something terrible is hiding.

Original title: Bangkit dari Kubur
Genre: Horror
Actors: Mpok Atiek, Siska Jessica, Reymond Knuliq…
Country: Indonesia
Rating: IMDb – 5.3
Age limit: 18+

Autopsy (2010)

The list of horror films will be diluted by the historical drama of the Chilean director. Mario is on the other side of society both by character and by occupation – he works in the morgue as a typesetter. However, an unsociable man is not alien to human feelings. Mario is in love with the dancer Nancy, but on September 11, 1973, the day when the military committed murders in the streets and the leadership of Salvador Allende was overthrown, the woman disappears.

Original title: Post Mortem
Genre: Drama
Actors: Alfredo Castro, Antonia Sekhers, Jaime Vadel…
Country: Chile, Mexico
Rating: Myreleasedate – 6.1, IMDb – 6.5
Age restrictions: 16+

Undertaker (2010)

The hero of the dark thriller about the morgue is a lonely and withdrawn Undertaker who works as a pathologist. For him, corpses are a tool that does not cause any emotions. But one day, Noah appears in the monotonous life of the Undertaker – a new employee of the morgue, who was released from prison on parole. Two different men will unite in the fight against arbitrariness when the frightened child Kane, the mystery of the brutal murder of his mother, was needed for help.

Original title: The Mortician 
Genre: Thriller, drama
Actors: Method Man, Dash Mihok, E.J. Bonilla
Country: United Kingdom
Rating: Myreleasedate – 5.2, IMDb – 4.9
Age restrictions: 16+

Life Beyond (2009)

Anna Taylor is beautiful and loved, but has already lost her passion and zest for life. After a car accident, the girl woke up in a funeral home. Bureau worker Eliot claims that Anna died and communicates with him only because he has the gift to speak with the dead. This is where the heroine realizes how valuable each breath is and how much-unfinished business she left. In a panic, the girl tries to run away, not believing that Eliot is telling the truth. This atypical thriller can give you goosebumps and make you scratch your head over the ending.

Original title: After.Life
Genre: Thriller, drama, detective
Actors: Christina Ricci, Liam Neeson, Justin Long…
Country: USA
Rating: Myreleasedate – 6.6, IMDb – 5.9 Age restrictions: 16+

Crimson Haze (2008)

The list of horror films about the dead in the morgue is complemented by a film about a risky experiment. Medical student Ariel decides to test the effect of a drug on a patient in a coma. The effect is only partial – the body remains motionless, but the patient’s spirit has learned to inhabit the bodies of other people. He is angry and full of desire to take revenge on the students who left him for dead. Ariel is also among those who will be sent terrible retribution by an angry soul.

Original title: Freakdog
Genre: Horror, fantasy, thriller
Actors: Ariel Kebbel, Sarah Carter, Stephen Dillane …
Country: United Kingdom
Rating: Myreleasedate – 5.4, IMDb – 5.0
Age restrictions: 18+

Pathology (2007)

Talented student Ted Gray graduated with honors from Harvard Medical School and goes on an internship at a Philadelphia hospital. In a new place, the merits of a young man do not go unnoticed. He meets a company of ambitious future doctors who are playing a dangerous game. Her goal is to commit a murder that cannot be solved. Ted soon becomes involved in the rules of the game and begins to take part in the experiments, until the bride comes to him. Terrible secrets and fear of retribution torment the hero, the only way out is to outplay his new friends.

Original title: Pathology
Genre: Thriller, crime
Actors: Milo Ventimiglia, Michael Weston, Alyssa Milano…
Country: USA
Rating: Myreleasedate – 6.8, IMDb – 6.0
Age restrictions: 18+

Corpse (2007)

A selection of movies about morgues could not do without a Korean horror movie. The anatomy class is one of the most important places for medical students. Here young people get acquainted with the structure of the body, here they see their first corpse. The first anatomy lesson for the heroes of our film did not go unnoticed. After what the six best students have seen, frightening hallucinations begin to torment them.

Original title: Haebuhak gyosil
Genre: Horror
Actors: Han Ji-min, On Joo-wan, Oh Tae-kyung…
Country: South Korea
Rating: Myreleasedate – 5.7, IMDb – 5.6
Age limit: 18+

Autopsy: A Love Story (2002)

Charlie Bickle works at the morgue. The man is closed and taciturn. He prefers the company of the silent dead to the society of living people. Charlie is involved in the illegal business of selling corpses for organs. One day, a beautiful young girl who committed suicide comes to his table. A man falls in love with a corpse because it is in him that he sees his only one.

Original title: Autopsy: A Love Story
Genre: Horror, drama
Actors: John Scott Mills, Dina Osmussen, Ginny Harman…
Country: USA
Rating: Myreleasedate – 4.9, IMDb – 3.3
Age restrictions: 18+

Anatomy (2000)

One of the best students of the medical college, Paul, receives a placement at the University of Heidelberg. It has everything she dreamed of – the mentorship of a famous professor, modern equipment, the opportunity to show her abilities. Paula does not yet know that a secret, banned organization operates on campus, whose supporters believe that morality cannot stand in the way of progress. The girl will have to get acquainted with the cruel morals of her mentor and make a choice – to accept the rules of a terrible game or pay with her life.

Original title: Anatomie
Genre: Horror, thriller
Actors: Franka Potente, Benno Furman, Anna Loos…
Country: Germany
Rating: Myreleasedate – 6.4, IMDb – 6.1
Age restrictions: 16+

Night Watch (1997)

An American adaptation of the 1994 Danish film The Night Watchman. Student Martin gets a part-time job as a night guard at the morgue. The hero needs money and a quiet place where he can study. A student goes to work not knowing what he will have to face. By coincidence, it is in this morgue that the corpses of the victims of the maniac are brought, and something strange begins to happen within the hospital walls.

Original title: Nightwatch
Genre: Horror, thriller, drama
Actors: Anya Evans, Ewan McGregor, Nick Nolte…
Country: USA
Rating: Myreleasedate – 6.6, IMDb – 6.2
Age restrictions: 18+

Night Watchman (1994)

Rounding out our top morgue movies is one of the best thrillers of the 90s. The movie is the original precursor to the 1997 remake of Night Watch. The plot of the film is tied to Martin – a college student, the new night watchman of the morgue. At this time, a serial killer is operating in the city, and the bodies of his victims are brought to the hospital where Martin works. If you liked the remake, then you should check out its higher-rated Danish original.

Original title: Nattevagten
Genre: Horror, thriller
Actors: Nikolai Coster-Waldau, Sophie Grobeul, Kim Bodnia …
Country: Denmark
Rating: Myreleasedate – 6.9, IMDb – 7.2
Age restrictions: 16+

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