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The life of this people with its songs and dances looks simple and carefree, but little is known about the mysterious soul and heartfelt experiences of Romale. We offer a selection of wonderful Russian and foreign films about gypsy love.

If you are not with me (2014)

The serial film intrigues from the very beginning. Everyone who was born and raised among the Gypsies is well aware of their manners and customs. They are also in the blood of young Zarina. From childhood, the girl knows that the betrothed must be from her people. And so, when the time came, the son of the baron himself drew attention to the girl and offered his hand and heart! However, Zarina refuses the lucky ticket, as she has fallen in love with a stranger, a doctor named Alexei.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

The lovers leave and plan to live away from loved ones and problems, but the past begins to haunt them. The baron’s son, offended by the refusal, does not want to let the gypsy out of his life, and the doctor’s parents cannot forgive their son for the wrong, in their opinion, choice of the bride.

Shanghai Gypsy (2012)

The protagonist of the film, the cunning gypsy Belmondo, uses the dishonest profits from smuggling to create his own village called “Shanghai”. He has both local officials and the police in his service, which makes him a respected and untouchable person. In one of the local eateries, the baron meets a gypsy beauty, whom he falls in love with without memory. A magnificent wedding soon followed , and then a son is born to Belmondo.

It soon became clear that the family requires large expenses, which are difficult to obtain honestly. Meanwhile, the gypsy has a new business that promises him a huge income – the illegal arms trade. So it will be possible to provide for his beloved wife and son, but he will have to agree to the proposal for a joint business. The lives and happiness of his loved ones depend on the gypsy’s answer.

Love and Separation (2011)

A fascinating Russian series – a melodrama about gypsy love in a village with an intriguing plot. Having become a certified specialist, the young teacher Anna returned to her native village. There she was waiting for the news that her father’s house had burned down. A lonely girl was taken in by a friend’s family. Soon Anna agrees to the proposal of the rural district police officer and marries him – she wants to have a home, a family, stability.

Later, at a local wedding, Anna meets the gypsy Lacho, who fell in love with her at first sight, but at first the teacher did not like her. After a while, she accidentally meets a gypsy in the city, where young people started talking and realized that they could not live without each other. However, Anna has a husband, and Lacho has problems with the camp and the niece of the gypsy baron.

Kiss Carmen (2010)

A police officer with an impeccable reputation named Joe, during the next round-up, unexpectedly releases one of the girls of easy virtue with a gypsy appearance. Joe’s strange act is condemned by his colleagues, including a close friend. However, the hero does not want to listen to anything – he fell in love like a fool.

It turned out that the young gypsy was taken out of her native land by deception and became confused involuntarily. Since then, the black-eyed priestess of love has become embittered at the whole world. At first, the savior of the gypsy believed her every word, and when he realized that he had acted recklessly, it was already too late. Joe was up to his ears involved in a criminal history.

Buy a Friend (2009)

An excellent melodrama about the love of a young gypsy girl for a mature Russian man. Kim Sychev gave his best years in the gold mines in Siberia in pursuit of a long ruble. Having earned extra money, he returned to his hometown to his family in order to find his other half and spend the rest of his life in peace in the circle of close people. Upon arrival at home, it turned out that not everything was all right there – the cunning daughter-in-law, in an attempt to swindle Kim’s family, “cheated” something with the will.

The active character of the hero hardened by the North did not let him sit idly by. Thanks to a cunning combination with an advertisement for finding a friend, he meets a wonderful comrade, settles relations with his family, exposes a mean daughter-in-law and finds love in the form of a charming gypsy. Having happily resolved family and personal problems, Kim leaves forever for Siberia with the woman he loves.

Gypsies (2008)

In 1945, shortly after the war, the “valiant” Soviet Chekists resettled the gypsy camp in the camp. Two young sisters manage to escape. In this they are helped by front-line guys Pavel, Aleksey and Sergey. The girls stay in Moscow and, by the will of fate, become actresses of the Romen Theater. Between young gypsies and former soldiers, romantic relationships could not but arise, and soon Olga and Lesha played a real gypsy wedding.

After a while, Alexandra tied the knot. Throughout the series of the film, this melodrama keeps the viewer in suspense thanks to the inimitably played temperament of the gypsies and their willingness to make any sacrifices for the love of their Russian husbands.

Gypsy with an exit (2008)

Russian film of eight episodes about the colorful life of gypsies and love. Ligita is a beauty from a poor family, gifted with a talent for passionate dancing. Due to debts, the father sells Ligita to the baron. The burning gypsy could not come to terms with the fate prepared for her, besides, she swore allegiance to the simple guy Alexei.

The wedding with the son of the baron was disrupted – the bride ran away from the crown. But the girl was rescued by her abilities – she was lucky to get a job dancing in the team of the famous choreographer Golovin. However, soon a sense of duty and love for her father forced Ligita to forget about the arrangement of her personal life and return to the camp, where the evil baron and his henchmen await her.

Carmelita (2005)

This fascinating melodrama captivates from the first series. Baron Zaretsky and his daughter Carmelita live in a provincial town. Soon the nomadic camp of Beibut with his son Miro returns to these lands. Once the leaders of the tribes made mutual promises that when their children grow up, they will get married and unite two gypsy clans together. However, Carmelita is in love with the Russian guy Maxim and is not eager to fulfill her father’s agreements.

The girl treats the gypsy exclusively as a friend, but he does not lose hope of getting a burning, rebellious beauty as his wife. Lucita lives in the camp, who has long been in love with Miro and believes that Zaretsky’s daughter is a disgrace to their traditions. Carmelita has to go through many hardships prepared by fate before finding happiness.

Gypsy (2001)

The protagonist of the film, Leon Hawley is a successful London lawyer. One of his last cases involves the death of a gypsy at the workplace, during which he meets the beautiful widow Natalie. Anticipating the loss in advance, Leon and his partners decide to pay the widow in exchange for the fact that she will refuse further litigation.

Daily communication with a gypsy kindled the flame of love in a young aristocrat. Putting his career on the line, he manages to achieve reciprocity from her. After a while, the lovers have difficulties, which are based on the dissatisfaction of the gypsy camp regarding Natalie’s chosen one. But the desire to be close to his beloved forces Leon to take extreme measures.

Strange Outsider (1997)

This melodrama is a fascinating movie about the love and adventures of a European in gypsy Romania. Stefan loved his father very much. After the death of his father, the young man decided at all costs to find the singer, whose charming voice the old man listened to on an audio cassette until his last breath. Driven by this dream, a stubborn Frenchman travels to Romania, where he wanders into a gypsy village.

Here Stefan makes new acquaintances, joins the local culture and meets an amazing girl named Sabina, who is notorious. At first, the young people did not like each other, but gradually the ice of mutual distrust melted, and feelings arose between the sleek European and the wild gypsy.

Do you know other melodramas about gypsy love? Add to the list of films in the comments!

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