The best Soviet melodramas

Beautiful and childishly naive old paintings evoke a feeling of pleasant nostalgia. Despite the decades that have passed since the collapse of the legendary country, the masterpieces of cinema of that time will always be loved by all generations.

Kind and good one-part Soviet films will tell about selfless and pure love, which is so lacking in the modern world.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

Urban Romance (1970)

The plot of this Soviet film is based on an ordinary beautiful story, the uniqueness of which lies in its plausibility. From movie screens it is customary to talk about unearthly and eternal love, but with the help of black and white film, the director shows the other side of the coin. Eugene is a young radiologist, Masha is a naive student of a pedagogical school.

Everyone in a couple perceives feelings and responsibility differently – the girl’s love has only strengthened, and the man is not yet ready to part with the charms of a bachelor life. After Masha’s departure, Zhenya should feel relieved and enjoy freedom, but fate makes it clear that this time everything will not go according to the usual scenario.

Moscow does not believe in tears (1980)

The legendary Soviet melodrama about love of the 80s has become a real bestseller of all time. The story of three friends whose fate is influenced by their own characters. Not having entered the institute, the purposeful Katerina gets a job at the factory. Modest Antonina works at a construction site and marries an ordinary guy. Lyudmila expects only better prospects from life in Moscow, hoping to profitably arrange her personal life.

For the sake of this, she is ready to go to any deception and adventure, where she also draws Katya – both girls pretend to be professor’s daughters. The same lie leads to completely different consequences, but even the black streak of life can become a take-off.

Vanity of Vanities (1979)

On duty, Marina Petrovna must be collected, serious and responsible, but she transfers all these qualities to the family. In the first place, a woman has a career and work responsibilities, and life and home comfort are constantly in the background. It is not surprising that after years of marriage, Boris Ivanovich leaves the family, seduced by the culinary delights of his economic mistress.

To escape from family problems, Marina Petrovna decides to go on a trip, but she is late for the flight – and the hitch reveals the truth about her daughter’s personal life. Taking advantage of the absence of mom and dad, the girl runs away with her fiancé to Novgorod. Parents have to unite for a while, going in search of a fugitive.

Office Romance (1977)

Soviet films about love are not only sad melodramas with an instructive plot. The picture of Eldar Ryazanov, like all his films, is a mixture of good humor and light self-irony. Anatoly Novoseltsev there are not enough stars from the sky. After divorcing his wife, he raises his two sons on his own and works as an ordinary employee in the statistical office.

The position of the head of the department is Anatoly Efremovich’s cherished dream, but he does not know how to prove himself. Colleague Samokhvalov advises him to charm the director, Lyudmila Kalugina, in order to move up the career ladder. The problem is that the boss is impregnable like a rock, and natural shyness literally paralyzes a man at the most crucial moments.

Can’t Say Goodbye (1982)

The heart of the inconspicuous Lida was forever won by the handsome Sergey, a production leader and a favorite of women. Lovelace ignores all the girl’s attempts to get close, because his eyes are riveted to the blonde Martha. Sergei’s wedding becomes a real blow for Lida, but it is not so easy to tear the image of a loved one out of her heart and memory.

However, life with the city beauty turned out to be a real test for the young husband – constant spending and increased demands. To please Marta, Sergei gets a job at the timber industry – and receives a serious injury that turns him into an invalid. And next to the morally crushed man is the one whom he rejected many years ago.

Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath (1975)

Not a single New Year’s holiday is complete without this film – a good Soviet melodrama about love of the 70s. Every year, Evgeny Lukashin gathers with friends in the bathhouse. The old harmless tradition this time leads to incredible consequences.

By mistake, instead of Pavlik, friends send Zhenya to Leningrad, who slept the whole flight safely. Ironically, in the cultural capital there is the same house with the same address and layout of apartments. New Year’s confusion, which originated in Moscow, turns into an adventurous and unpredictable adventure for the modest doctor Yevgeny.

Do not part with your loved ones (1979)

Even the strongest feelings can destroy suspicions and groundless jealousy – this happened with the young Lavrov couple. At some point, Mitya stops believing in his wife, although she gave no reason to doubt her honesty. The marriage is bursting at the seams, and for Katya, freedom and divorce become the only solution to the problem.

Soon after the breakup, the girl ends up in the hospital – and the meeting with her ex-husband will finally dot the “and”. Time and separation crushed all doubts, giving way to love – real and sincere, over which nothing has power.

Hello and Goodbye (1972)

The list of the best films about love included a Soviet melodrama that tells about the fate of a young woman. Shura’s life changed after the departure of her husband, who went to the city in search of the meaning of life. Raising and providing for three children is not an easy task, but a purposeful woman can do everything.

Acquaintance with the local policeman helped Shura to look at the world differently. Gregory managed to restore faith in love and melt the heart of a lonely woman. As soon as a ghostly hope for a happy family life appeared on the horizon, the prodigal husband returns to the village.

Love and Doves (1984)

The main danger for marriage is a trip to a sanatorium, where under the southern sun the passion of resort romances flares up. So it happened with Vasily Kuzyakin, who met the femme fatale Raisa Zakharovna on the sea coast. The eccentric city resident is absolutely not like the predictable wife of Vasily, so the man is fascinated by the originality of the new acquaintance.

After the vacation, the unfaithful spouse immediately goes to his mistress’s apartment, and tells Nadezhda and the children about his decision in a letter. Very little time will pass – and Vasily will bitterly regret his impulsive decision. Those qualities of Raisa Zakharovna, which seemed attractive at the resort, now burden the man, but the family refuses to accept the traitor.

You never dreamed … (1980)

Soviet melodramas about the love of schoolchildren are especially touching – the film tells the story of the relationship between high school students Roman Lavochkin and Katya Shevchenko. The first feelings rarely end in a happy ending – life usually separates a happy couple along different roads.

Katya’s mother rejected the feelings of Roma’s father many years ago, so she remembers those times with a smile. But for Roma’s mother, the appearance in her life of her husband’s former passion became a real tragedy – and she is trying with all her might to destroy the nascent relationship of schoolchildren. However, the feelings of modern Romeo and Juliet are much stronger than adults can imagine.

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