Top 10 highest rated melodramas

The inner world of a person is most fully revealed in moments of sensory experiences. That is why melodrama paintings have been popular at all times.

Based on the rating of the IMDB movie portal, we have selected for you the top 10 best films about love in the world, viewing of which guarantees the highest degree of enjoyment.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

Forrest Gump (1994)

Forrest lagged behind in development and therefore was often subjected to ridicule and mockery from his peers. On the school bus, he meets the smart girl Jenny, who has become his faithful companion. Local bullies did not miss the opportunity to have plenty of fun with the naive kid. The only thing left for the boy to do in order to avoid bullying was to run.

Forrest ran always and everywhere. Thanks to this, he soon became the best football player on the university team, and later – a war hero and a prosperous millionaire. Whatever Gump undertook, he succeeded in everything. However, in love he was less fortunate. All his life he loved only one woman – Jenny, but she reciprocated too late.

American Beauty (1999)

The next in our rating of the best films about love is another melodrama, which tells that relationships are possible even for a young bitchy nymphet with an elderly, not very tall and already with obvious bald patches man. Lester is going through hard times in his life. Colleagues treat him with indifference, and his beloved wife, behind her husband’s back, “twists” an affair with some former mental patient. From what is happening, the hero fell into despondency and depression.

However, sooner or later, a white streak comes in the fate of every person. At the sight of Angelina, her daughter’s classmate, Lester’s days are filled with bright colors, an incredible surge of strength is felt, and the heart beats faster. A man understands – he fell in love! Then he firmly decided to radically change the disgusted being and fully enjoy the enchanting magic of love.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

Everyone at least once wants to “zero out” their life and start it from scratch. Once-loving hearts, Clementine and Joel succeed. After the breakup, the couple resorted to the help of memory erasure specialists who helped the “former” forget completely about the times of their marriage . But fate had other plans.

One day, returning home from work, the guy mistakenly gets into the wrong train, on which he comes to the sea. There he meets a beautiful woman, whom he falls in love with at first sight. After, being in the same carriage with a stranger and intently examining the features of her face, the man is visited by insight – this is his once beloved wife. Realizing the sudden truth, Joel realized that love cannot be deceived. But he doesn’t know how to make his wife remember the past.

Titanic (1997)

A truly legendary film with the highest viewing rating, which still occupies a leading position in the world top melodramas. The story begins with a description of the emotional experiences of Rose, an aristocrat from an impoverished family. To save the deplorable financial situation, the parents decided to marry her to a “purse” – a wealthy gentleman. Not wanting to go through life with an unloved person, the girl decided to jump from the ship into the ocean.

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Her savior Jack happened to be nearby, an ordinary tramp without a penny in his pocket. So fate brought two completely different people from parallel worlds on the deck of a cruise ship. Between Jack and Rose at first sight there was a mutual feeling of love. However, the villain-fortune waved her wing of change and the ephemeral happiness of the lovers was interrupted by a deadly iceberg approaching the ship.

Amelie (2001)

A dreamer and dreamer, Amelie grew up without a mother and was brought up by a stern and withdrawn father. Upon coming of age, she began to earn money in a local cafe as a waitress and moved out to a rented apartment. One day, the girl accidentally discovered a cache made by a boy who once lived here, and decided to find its owner.

In such a bizarre way, fate brought her together with a collector of unsuccessful photos of Nino, who once hid his “treasure”. Seeing the admired and grateful face of the guy, Amelie realized how nice it is to do good deeds, and this good deed was the beginning of a new love.

Notebook (2004)

This highly rated foreign melodrama shows that true love can overcome all life’s difficulties. This is confirmed by the story of Ellie and Noah. They met at an amusement park and immediately fell in love. The first acquaintance with the girl’s parents ended in failure due to the social status of the potential groom. In order not to cause difficulties for his aristocratic bride, the guy chose to quarrel with her and part with her. Soon, realizing his mistake, he decided to make peace with his beloved, but it was too late – her family moved to another city.

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With the outbreak of war, Noah goes to the front, and Ellie works as a nurse in the hospital, where she meets her future fiancé. Preparing for the wedding, the heroine meets Noah on the threshold of her house, and feelings flare up again between them.

Gone with the Wind (1939)

The film takes place back in 1861 in America. A young lady from a wealthy family, Scarlett O’Hara is full of hope and looks forward to a happy future. She is in love with Ashley Wilkes and wants to marry him. Suddenly, the aristocrat learns that her chosen one has other plans – he wants the favor of Melanie Hamilton.

Scarlett is unwilling to give up her feelings and wants to woo Ashley. At this time, a civil war suddenly burst into the country, which once and irrevocably forever changed the fate of not only the heroine, but also millions of other Americans. Luxurious balls with gallant gentlemen are a thing of the past, and love has to be built anew.

Before Dawn (1995)

One of the best foreign melodramas in the ranking tells how a fleeting rendezvous can sometimes change the fate of people, binding them with love. This happened to random fellow travelers Jesse and Celine. On the train, they have many common topics for conversation, and the guy, not wanting to part with the charming Frenchwoman, persuades her to get off with him at the station in Vienna. At dawn, Jesse will have to fly to America.

The couple does not intend to waste time, and young people strive to learn everything about each other. After spending a delightful night together, they fall in love and don’t want to part anymore. But time is fleeting, everyone has their own plans, and the lovers have to leave. However, they agree to meet again here after six months.

Before Sunset (2004)

The film is a successful continuation of one of the most romantic and touching love stories . Celine and Jesse, after a stormy passionate night, agree to meet again in Vienna in six months. However, due to circumstances, Celine never got to the appointed place. The lack of mutual contacts led to the fact that young people lost contact with each other, but did not stop remembering the wonderful moments of their chance meeting.

Soon a book was published, authored by Jesse. The novel is based on his meeting with the Frenchwoman Celine. Having become popular overnight, the writer decided to meet with fans of his work in Paris, where he saw her – adored Celine.

Three Colors: Red (1994)

Our rating of the best foreign melodramas is completed by a wonderful film that all ages are submissive to true love. Charming Valentina is a student and a professional fashion model. Her boyfriend is a successful director. It would seem that nothing prevents lovers from being together, but each of them lives by their own rules.

After another quarrel, returning home by car, the girl knocks down a shepherd dog and later meets her owner, an elderly judge. New acquaintances, despite the huge difference in age, have many common topics for communication. Valentina notices that the only hobby for a single man is listening to neighbors’ telephone conversations, but this does not repel her at all. Soon warm relations grow into mutual sympathy and love.

And what melodrama would you include in the rating? Add to the list of films in the comments!

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