Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever announced Release date

Marvel Studios released another sci-fi project in 2018, this time the key character was a nimble and strong African warrior in the image of a graceful black cat. The official release date of Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever is scheduled for November 11, 2022. Production of the second part of the film began at the end of June 2021 in Atlanta.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?


The prince of the small and secluded kingdom of Wakanda is willing to do anything to ensure the safety of his homeland. To protect the state from the constant attacks of looters, the young man resorts to a drastic measure and summons the spirit of the Black Panther.

He has to go through a very complicated ritual. Due to his ignorance of all the nuances of this procedure for the prince becomes completely surprised by his transformation into a panther. Now the only thing left to him is to defend his territory from his enemies to the last!

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black panther
One of the rarest and most unique metals – vibranium – is hidden in the depths of Wakanda. It has the ability to absorb any vibration. There are no analogs of this material in the world. Not surprisingly, the small state is becoming an object of intense scrutiny by miners from all over the world. Whether Black Panther can protect his state from plunder will become known when the release date of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is announced.

Help the heir help the brave servants of the guard of the king. Viewers are waiting for a fascinating story filled with dangerous adventures and exciting battles.


  • T’Challa (Black Panther) is the heir to the throne of Wakanda. A brave and strong warrior. An intelligent and talented young man. Chadwick Boseman.
  • Shuri is the sister of the main character. A talented inventor who has created many progressive technologies. Leticia Wright.
  • Eric Kilmanger is the main villain of the project. Determined to avenge the people of Wakanda for the death of his father. Mikey B. Jordan.
Release date: November 11, 2022
Original name: Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
Cast: Letitia Wright, Danai Gurira, Lupita Nyong’o, Martin Freeman, Winston Duke
Writers: Ryan Coogler

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