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For those who have long been tired of the same-type series, where it is known how everything will end, we offer to evaluate a selection of the eight highest-rated projects from Amazon studios. If previously no one believed that this relatively young streaming service can surprise viewers, with each release of the new project doubts dispelled, and the number of subscribers grows rapidly. An important plus is the fact that the series for Amazon are working professionals who prefer to implement uncomplicated ideas, create atypical interesting characters, as well as put in the plot of the intrigue, which makes you watch the series until the end credits. All that remains is to read the mini-content of each rating project and choose among them the one that best suits your taste.

The Wheel of Time season 1

? Season 2 release date – 2022 (in production)

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

Moraine Damodred is a member of the ancient Order of the Eis Sedai, tasked with finding a chosen warrior and delivering him to training to fight the Dark One and his predecessors. The long journey drags on for years and eventually the woman reaches the small settlement of Two Rivers, where several candidates for the role of the future Dragon reside. The traveler convinces the boys to trust her words and follow her to a special place. Everyone accepts the offer, not realizing what lies ahead for them.

The Boys Season 1, 2

? Season 3 release date – June 3, 2022

The action unfolds in an alternate world where superheroes are an integral part of the lives of ordinary people. While some powers are trying to earn their fame honestly, others are using popularity for their own gain. When the most powerful organization, calling itself “Seven”, crosses the line of the allowed, in the city begins to form a gang “The Boys”, which decided to expose the popular favorites in the clear and show the world the true face of the heroes.

Good Omens Season 1

? Season 2 release date – 2022 (in production)

The action of the comedy revolves around the angel Azirafel and the demon Crowley. They were tasked with keeping the balance on Earth. One was supposed to help mankind honor God’s commandments, while the other was tasked with pushing people to do all sorts of crazy things. No one suspected that the supreme beings with different positions could become friends during the mission and when the Almighty decided to realize the apocalypse, it would be these two comrades who would try to stop the irreversible and keep mankind alive.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 1-3

? Season 4 release date February 18, 2022

Events are set in the 1960s. Mrs. Maisel, like the other housewives of the neighborhood, takes care of the family home and teaches the children while her husband tries to earn money for the family. Her ideal world crumbles after the news of her husband’s desire to file for divorce, become a free man, and try to build a career as a stand-up comedian. In a time of despair, Marge discovers her hidden talents and sets out to make her spouse regret the breakup and gain popularity during her comedy performances. All that remains is to figure out exactly how to accomplish this.

Carnival Row Season 1

Powerful wars are engulfing the planet. Representatives of different races find refuge in the capital, where the leadership is loyal to the various creatures. Peace and tranquility is shattered when one of the refugees is murdered. Detective Rycroft and elfess Vignette decide to take on the search for the maniac who has appeared. Together the former pair will have to catch the killer and maintain the balance between the different races.

The Expanse Season 1-6

XXIII century. Brave detective, accustomed to not leave things gathering dust on shelves, and certainly find the perpetrators of crimes, takes up the search for a woman who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The search for the truth helps him get on board a spaceship, where the captain, after listening to the story, agrees to take part in the investigation. Neither of these two can even imagine that they are destined not only to find the killer, but also to uncover the greatest conspiracy in all of humanity’s existence.

Hanna Season 1-3

For as long as she can remember, Hanna has lived in the woods of northern Poland, where a former soldier and dangerous assassin has trained a girl. He trained her in self-defense, but also tried to isolate her from society as much as possible and forbade any contact with the outside world. Despite Eric’s admonitions, the girl is willing to work up the courage to break a basic rule in order to find out the truth about her origins.

Goliath Season 1-4

Several years ago, Billy McBride, along with Donald Cooperman, founded their own law firm. Gradually they managed to become one of the leading offices in the country and open branches in different corners of the world. A scandalous case, where thanks to Billy, a dangerous maniac walked free, turned his life upside down. Just a couple of days later, the criminal returned to his old cases, and the lawyer himself began drinking alcohol in desperation. Now the man has slid to the bottom, and is engaged in petty business, until life gives him the opportunity to reassert himself.

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