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The Disney series is a special podcast of projects that can quench the desire of even the most skeptical viewer. Here are the best Disney series that have already been released and you should watch. All of them are suitable for all ages of the viewer and at the same time, they can safely watch them with the whole family. An evening spent watching the series from the selection, not only brings a lot of fun but also teaches young family members to distinguish the difference between good and evil. To be finally convinced of what has been written, we offer to evaluate the short description. That way you’ll be able to understand what is suitable from the proposed popular Disney collection just for you!

Wanda/Vision Season 1

The perfect newlyweds Wanda and Vision, after the wedding ceremony, move to live in the fairy-tale town of Westview. At first, the characters’ lives seem perfect. The husband gets a prestigious job and earns good money, while the wife is busy building the family home. At some point, the couple begins to have doubts that the ideal picture of their life is far from reality and, worst of all, that someone is watching their life closely…

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

What If…? Season 1

? Season 2 Release Date – 2022 (in production)

Imagine if the lives of famous Marvel heroes can change and just one moment can make beloved superheroes into people who are hard to imagine in a given role. For example, Peggy Carter got the super-soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers, and T’Challa took Star-Lord’s place. On the one hand, everything seems fictional, but the authors refuse to restrain their imagination and suggest looking at the development of familiar events from the other side and assessing how unpredictable the ending would have been.

Loki season 1

? Season 2 release date – 2022 (in production)

Events unfold as Loki manages to escape from custody thanks to the stolen Tesseract. Inexplicably, he finds himself caught up in a Time Change Management organization trying to erase his identity due to a change in the course of events. The God of Deception is left with no choice but to choose between answering for his crimes or finding his alternate version and trying to neutralize it with UVI.

The Mandalorian 1, 2 seasons

? Season 3 release date – 2022 (in production)

The action of the series is set years after the fall of the Empire. Lone Mandalorian gunslinger Dean Jarin is tasked with transporting a unique individual to a customer. After accidentally discovering that the box contains a tiny green creature possessing the power and madly resembling the great master Yoda, the bounty hunter refuses to complete the assignment and decides to risk his own life to ensure the infant Thunderbolt’s safety.

Hawkeye Season 1

It’s been over a year since the Avengers managed to defeat Thanos and bring the vanished humans home. Clint Barton, who has realized the value of family, promises to take advantage of the moment to spend the rest of his life with his family. The approaching Christmas should be the first time the family can celebrate together. But plans are suddenly ruined when the main enemies of the former Ronin receive information about him and decide to make him pay for the mistakes of the past. The man has no choice but to take up arms and neutralize those who dream of destroying his family.

The Book of Boba Fett Season 1

For many years, Boba Fett was considered a dangerous bounty hunter, capable of completing any task thanks to the presence of Mandalorian armor. The death of the notorious criminal mastermind Jabba the Hutt forced the traveler to reconsider life’s priorities. Realizing that the time has come for global change, Boba along with his associate Fennec Shand plan to gain control of the dead man’s lucrative territory, unaware of the price they will have to pay for it.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Season 1

The Avengers’ epic battle with Thanos ended in their favor. Despite the number of dead heroes, it was possible to restore the shattered imbalance. Now, it seems, we can live in peace and not worry about anything. However, not everyone likes what is happening. The criminal organization “Flag Wreckers” decides to get rid of the pseudo-heroes and show that humanity is capable of standing up for itself. Realizing that the bandits are going too far, Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes have no choice but to stop the criminals, and in parallel convince the authorities that the title of Captain America can only be held by those who deserve it.

The Mysterious Benedict Society Season 1

? Season 2 release date is 2022 (in production)

An “Emergency” crisis is brewing on the planet. Mr. Benedict suspects that everything going on is the fault of the Truth Training Institute, which reports to Dr. Curtain. To destroy or confirm the doubts, the famous scientist decides to create a special detachment of four gifted children, organize their placement in the institution and expose the genius deceiver before he ruins the world by his ridiculous actions.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 1

? Season 2 release date is 2022 (in production)

Tech, Crusher, Echo, and Hunter are members of an experimental batch that, due to their genetic traits, cannot be like the others. When Imperial Order 66 goes into effect, they manage to escape the effects of their subconscious control. As a consequence, the flawless soldiers have declared a threat to the Empire and are hunted down. Now the friendly team has no choice but to escape the danger and find a way to stay alive.

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