New romantic Valentine’s Day movies

Can’t decide what to watch for Valentine’s Day? In the presented selection there are movies for all tastes. Each movie from the collection will raise the mood on a romantic evening, finally plunge into the atmosphere of the holiday and make this evening unforgettable.

Crazy About Her (2021)

Adri’s monotonous life changes after a random stormy night with a mysterious stranger named Carla. After spending a little less than a day with the girl, the man concludes that he has fallen in love, but, as is usually the case, he is not without problems. In the morning, her friend mysteriously disappears, and the only way to meet her again is to become a patient in the psychiatric center where Carla is being rehabilitated.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

Holidate (2021)

Sloan is a perpetually busy working girl with no interest in a serious relationship. Because of this, her family puts a lot of pressure on her. An acquaintance with Australian golfer Jackson becomes an opportunity to introduce the young man to her surroundings as her chosen one, especially since the acquaintance doesn’t mind spending all the holidays together. The pair make a special pact to accompany each other to various celebrations, but there is no such thing as friendship between a man and a woman, something both soon become convinced of.

Gut gegen Nordwind (2020)

While sending another email, Ema makes a mistake and her email is sent to an unknown recipient. The ridiculous oversight changes the life of not only the sender, but also Leo’s address as he continues his correspondence. With each new message, the man increasingly dreams of meeting a mysterious stranger, but only the virtual companion is clearly not ready for this.

He’s All That (2021)

After the sudden betrayal of the man she loves, Padgett Sawyer decides not to get depressed six weeks before prom. The girl decides to pull herself together and wager with her friends that she can easily make the school’s weirdest young man the prom king.

7 Hours to Win Your Heart (2020)

With the proper art of seduction, you can attract the attention of any pretty girl in just 7 hours. This is exactly what Valerie, the author of the romantic course for losers, which is extremely popular with men, is absolutely convinced of. Such an unshakable statement falls under the question mark when the author is approached for help by Giulio, who dreams of returning the love of his former bride, because fate has prepared for these two an unparalleled test.

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things (2021)

Carefree Mark is far from a day in the time loop. By chance, he manages to meet a girl, Margaret, who is also stuck in the same day and unable to change anything. The guys agree to spend infinity together, constantly delighting each other with unique surprises. At a certain point, they both begin to think about the future, giving them the sense that they are tired of experiencing the monotonous events of one day…

Five Feet Apart (2019)

Stella Grande, because of a specific rare disease, has to keep her distance from the rest of the people. One day she manages to meet Will, who suffers from the same disease. Her friendship at the clinic develops into true love. Contrary to the doctors’ orders, the guys try to prove to the world that even at a limited distance and without touching, real feelings have the right to life.

Une sirène à Paris / A Mermaid in Paris (2020)

After his disappointments in love, Gaspar refuses to even allow the thought of renewing his romantic relationship with anyone. All attempts by Parisian beauties to win his heart are crushed by the talented musician’s heart of stone. The man firmly set himself the task to no longer think about a close relationship and cut off any attempt to invite him on a date. Gaspar is determined to remain single, but an encounter with a real-life mermaid, Lula, who needs a man’s help, could change everything.

Chemical Hearts (2020)

For graduate student Henry Page, a career as a writer has always come first. Unlike his peers, he doesn’t attend noisy parties and spends most of his time in the editorial office of the school newspaper. The whole monotonous world for the young man changes when, in the middle of the school year, a new girl appears in the school, capable of quite competing with him in writing interesting articles, as well as becoming the owner of the heart of the main romantic.

Just Say Yes (2021)

Literally since her first meeting with her fiancé, Lotte has had time to draw in her head not only the perfect marriage proposal, but also to plan a special wedding. Everything inevitably falls apart when the beau suddenly breaks off the relationship, and in the meantime, her more popular sister receives an invitation to go down the aisle with a promising young man. It seems that life has already presented Lotte a lot of trials. The woman is desperate, but the surprises don’t end on that note…

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