20 extraordinary series based on real events

Ordinary life sometimes throws up such plots that no writer of cranberries can ever come up with. Filmmakers actively use this and draw interesting ideas from reality. The list of the best series based on real events includes thrillers, action films, detective stories, melodramas, comedies and dramas, where everything shown on the screen once happened in reality.

Bad Doctor (2021)

A charming surgeon from Dallas, considered a fairly successful doctor , crippled over three dozen patients, and actually killed two. Two medical workers, along with an assistant prosecutor, begin an investigation . Gathering evidence takes a lot of time and effort, and bureaucracy, corruption and dead ends in the legislation continue to help “Dr. Death” in his troubled affairs.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

Original title : Dr. Death
Genre: Thriller, drama, crime
Actors: Joshua Jackson, Christian Slater, Alec Baldwin …
Country: USA
Rating: Myreleasedate – 7.7, IMDb – 7.7
Age restrictions: 18+

Serpent (2021)

The list of popular series based on real events continues with the new crime movie, consisting of eight episodes. A serial killer cracks down on travelers on a popular tourist route in Asia, and with the help of stolen valuables and documents moves around the world. A diplomat from the Netherlands, without waiting for the results from negligent local detectives, begins his own investigation.

Original title: The Serpent
Genre: Biography, crime, detective, drama, thriller
Actors: Tahar Rahim, Billy Hole, Jenna Coleman …
Country: United Kingdom
Rating: Myreleasedate – 7.6, IMDb – 7.6
Age restrictions: 18+

Crystal (2021)

In a new Russian series, a maniac specialist from Moscow comes to his hometown to investigate a series of crimes. An experienced investigator will have to face not only a ruthless villain, but also traumatic memories from a distant childhood. In addition, the head of the local criminal investigation department, the brother of the hero, is clearly involved in some kind of suspicious fraud.

Genre: Drama
Actors: Anton Vasiliev, Nikolai Schreiber, Ekaterina Olkina …
Country: Russia
Rating: Myreleasedate – 8.1
Age restrictions: 18+

Murder at Whitehouse Farm (2020)

A foreign detective series based on real events with a high rating and a lot of positive feedback from viewers. In the mid-eighties, a married couple with children was shot dead on a farm. The police rests on one version, but a particularly meticulous investigator puts forward and substantiates another story. The plot was based on authentic documents and testimonies of witnesses.

Original title: White House Farm
Genre: Thriller, drama, crime, detective, biography
Actors: Stephen Graham, Freddie Fox, Cressida Bonas …
Country: United Kingdom
Rating: Myreleasedate – 7.6, IMDb – 7.4
Age restrictions: 16+

Unorthodox (2020)

A young Jewish woman lives with her husband in an Orthodox Jewish community. Realizing the dream of a different life, a 19-year-old girl escapes to Berlin, discards the burden of outdated traditions and tries to find herself in music . After leaving, the fugitive finds out that she is pregnant . Having received the news that his wife is expecting a child, the abandoned husband, along with his cousin, goes to Europe in search of his wife who has run away.

Original title: Unorthodox
Genre: Drama
Actors: Shira Haas, Amit Rahav, Jeff Wilbusch…
Country: Germany
Rating: Myreleasedate – 7.8, IMDb – 8.0

Chernobyl (2019)

An interesting historical series based on real events is worth watching for anyone who wants to understand the recent past. An accident occurs at the fourth power unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant . The authorities are trying to hide the scale of the disaster , and high-ranking specialists and ordinary liquidators at the scene, sacrificing themselves, are trying to minimize the consequences of the tragedy.

Original title: Chernobyl
Genre: Drama, history
Actors: Jared Harris, Stellan Skarsgård, Emily Watson…
Country: USA, UK
Rating: Myreleasedate – 8.9, IMDb – 9.4
Age restrictions: 18+

Modern Love (2019 – 2021)

The multi -part romantic comedy anthology is based on true stories from a popular column in the New York Times. The half-hour episodes explore how modern people show feelings of love. Quiet family life, fiery romantic passion, casual sexual relationships, high platonic feelings – different forms of love are embodied on the screen.

Original title: Modern Love
Genre: Melodrama, comedy
Actors: Sofia Boutella, Olivia Cooke, Tina Fey, Julia Garner, Anne Hathaway …
Country: USA
Rating: Myreleasedate – 7.7, IMDb – 8.0

Pretense (2019)

American life series based on real events. A teenage girl suffers from a whole bunch of serious diseases. The mother carefully takes care of her daughter, who can only move around in a wheelchair and eat through a straw. The moment will come when the girl will be able to live without extraneous care, but the mother will not be able to do without hyper-custody over her daughter.

Original title: The Act
Genre: Drama, biography, crime
Actors: Patricia Arquette, Joey King, AnnaSophia Robb…
Country: USA
Rating: Myreleasedate – 7.6, IMDb – 8.0

Don’t Try It Again (2019 – 2021)

The school drug dealer took the girl away from an inconspicuous modest boy. The rejected young man also decides to try himself in the drug business . The guy gets down to business seriously and creates an online store. The effective use of new technologies takes the aspiring drug dealer to the international level, which attracts the attention of both the European mafia , and local gangsters.

Original title: How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast)
Genre: Drama, melodrama, comedy, crime
Actors: Maximilian Mundt, Danilo Kamber, Anna-Lena Klenke …
Country: Germany
Rating: Myreleasedate – 7.4, IMDb – 7.9

Tragedy in Waco (2018)

The top series based on real events continues with a crime drama with a gripping plot. FBI agents suspected followers of the religious sect “Branch of David” in illegal possession of weapons. An attempt to penetrate the ranch, where the fanatics lived, turned into a furious firefight, a two-month siege and many casualties.

Original title: Waco
Genre: Thriller, drama, crime, history
Actors: Michael Shannon, Taylor Kitsch, Andrea Riseborough …
Country: USA
Rating: Myreleasedate – 7.6, IMDb – 7.9
Age restrictions: 16+

Mrs Wilson (2018)

A happy marriage ended with the sudden death of her husband. The inconsolable widow learns on the eve of the funeral that her husband led a double life. The man not only managed to live in three families, but also turned out to be a spy . The main role was played by the granddaughter of that very woman. The actress, embodying the screen image, herself tried to figure out the complicated past of her family.

Original title: Mrs Wilson
Genre: Drama, detective, biography
Actors: Ruth Wilson, Ian Glen, Calam Lynch…
Country: UK, USA
Rating: Myreleasedate – 7.4, IMDb – 7.4

Escape from Dannemore Prison (2018)

Two murderers are sentenced to life imprisonment in a heavily guarded prison for their atrocities. The criminals start a romantic relationship with an elderly married matron. The lady of the heart, taking advantage of her official position, helps the prisoners to make a daring escape . The actress, who played the main character, was awarded the US Screen Actors Guild and the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a TV Movie.

Original title: Escape at Dannemora
Genre: Thriller, drama, crime, biography
Actors: Benicio Del Toro, Patricia Arquette, Paul Dano…
Country: USA
Rating: Myreleasedate – 7.4, IMDb – 8.0

Trust (2018)

Italian mafiosi kidnapped the grandson of one of the richest oil tycoons and demanded a colossal ransom. The hippy father is in a drug frenzy and is not particularly worried, and the stern grandfather considers the kidnapping to be staged and does not intend to pay the criminals. Only the mother is seriously worried about the fate of the stolen boy and is trying to raise money for a ransom.

Original title: Trust
Genre: Drama, crime, biography
Actors: Harris Dickinson, Donald Sutherland, Hilary Swank …
Country: UK, USA
Rating: Myreleasedate – 7.5, IMDb – 7.6
Age restrictions: 18+

Feud (2017)

The multi-part biographical drama explores the nature of the most famous celebrity feuds. In the first season, a conflict unfolds between Hollywood superstars Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. Season 2 centers on the complex relationship between Prince Charles and Princess Diana under the shadow of Buckingham Palace.

Original title: Feud
Genre: Drama, biography
Actors: Jessica Lange, Susan Sarandon, Judy Davis…
Country: USA
Rating: Myreleasedate – 7.9, IMDb – 8.5
Age restrictions: 18+

Narcos (2015 – 2017)

Biographical serial drama will acquaint viewers with events from the life of the Colombian drug dealer Pablo Escobar. A powerful criminal seeks to expand and strengthen his underground empire. The local police, with the support of American experts, is trying to resist the plans of the villain. The performer of the role of the famous drug lord had to learn Spanish especially for filming.

Original title: Narcos
Genre: Crime, drama
Actors: Wagner Moura, Boyd Holbrook, Pedro Pascal…
Country: USA, Colombia, Mexico
Rating: Myreleasedate – 8.4, IMDb – 8.8
Age restrictions: 18+

Undercover (2015 – 2016)

A cool crime series based on events from the life of a real person. The drug dealer faces a twenty-year prison sentence. To avoid punishment, the offender agrees to cooperate with law enforcement agencies. The hero must infiltrate one of the most dangerous gangs. The dangerous mission will last for more than three years.

Original title: Gangland Undercover
Genre: Drama, crime, biography, history
Actors: Damon Runyan, Ian Matthews, Eri Cohen…
Country: Canada, USA
Rating: Myreleasedate – 7.6, IMDb – 8.2
Age restrictions: 16+

Show me a hero (2015)

A young ambitious candidate wins the mayoral election in an American city. Subject to the decision of the federal court, the elected mayor must build budget housing for the poor in a prestigious area. The execution of the court decision turns into an increase in social tension and mass protests, and also destroys the political career and personal life of the young mayor.

Original title: Show Me a Hero
Genre: Drama, history
Actors: Oscar Isaac, Carla Quevedo, Ilfenesh Hadera…
Country: USA
Rating: Myreleasedate – 7.3, IMDb – 8.0
Age limit: 18+

Fargo (2014 – 2020)

Action-packed anthology series in the genre of detective thriller , inspired by the comedy of the same name by the Coen brothers. Each season is dedicated to some cynical and intricate story that leads the characters to commit daring, absurd and cruel crimes. Although each episode’s intro states that everything is shown as it actually happened, all the characters depicted on the screen are completely fictional.

Original title: Fargo
Genre: Thriller, drama, crime Actors: Martin Freeman, Billy Bob Thornton, Allison Tolman…
Country: USA
Rating: Myreleasedate – 8.4, IMDb – 8.9
Age restrictions: 18+

Peaky Blinders (2013 – 2019)

After the end of the First World War , several brothers return to Birmingham from the front. Members of a large family create a criminal gang that trades in daring robberies and tries to take control of the gambling industry . The local police are doing their best to stop the growth of crime, but enterprising bandits only increase their influence.

Original title: Peaky Blinders
Genre: Drama, crime
Actors: Cillian Murphy, Paul Anderson, Helen McCrory …
Country: United Kingdom
Rating: Myreleasedate – 8.4, IMDb – 8.8
Age restrictions: 16+

Scandal (2012 – 2018)

The main character, over the years of working as a public relations specialist in the press service of the White House, has gained a reputation as the best crisis manager in the United States. After being fired from a high position, a purposeful woman creates her own anti-crisis agency in order to help celebrities get out of the most unpleasant life situations for big money. The prototype of the main character acted as a producer and consultant for this project.

Original title: Scandal
Genre: Thriller, drama
Actors: Kerry Washington, Darby Stanchfield, Katie Lowes …
Country: USA
Rating: Myreleasedate – 7.6, IMDb – 7.7
Age restrictions: 16+

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