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On August 28, the second series of the Game of Thrones prequel “House of the Dragon” premiered and revealed the intrigue of the confrontation in the palace. All 10 episodes of the first season will be released on Sundays, which means the release date of episode 3 of House of the Dragon will be September 4, 2022. The new episode will be titled “Second of His Name.”

What will happen in Episode 3

In Episode 3, Daemon Targaryen will travel with his army of gold cloaks to the steps and deal with the Myrian prince before proclaiming himself King of the Steps. The war on the steps will not please the king and his Hand Otto, but since it is Viserys’ brother, and the problem of the steps should have been dealt with long ago, there is nothing they can do about it. Viserys did not want to go to war on the Free Cities, and many people thought he was a weak king because of it. Episode 3 of the fantasy series House of the Dragon is expected to be released on September 4, 2022.

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Where did it all begin?

Viserys, who was left without an heir after his wife and child died and was forced to designate his daughter as heir, was asked to marry Lainie, the daughter of Lord Corlis of House Valerius. This union would help strengthen Viserys’ power and unite the 2 most powerful Valerian houses. But there is a nuance – Leyna is a little girl who is only 12 years old. But Viserys rejected the proposal (truly beneficial to the kingdom) and declared his future wife Lady Alicenta Hightower, daughter of the King’s Hand Ser Otto Hightower.

Lord Corlys did not accept his crony’s decision and decided to ally himself with Daemon Targaryen, who had also been rejected by Viserys (Viserys could have appointed Daemon as heir, but did not). Corlys convinced his interlocutor to go to the steps and deal with the Myrian prince who was feeding the sailors to the crabs. Pirate activity on the steps is detrimental to the sea lanes and directly to the well-being of House Vilarion. For centuries they have made their fortune by sea and labor, which has allowed them to become one of the most powerful houses in the kingdom. And Corlis cannot allow some Valerian prince to weaken his house.

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Looking more broadly, the alliance with Daemon will allow Corlis to overthrow Viserys and influence the council to appoint Princess Rhaenys as heir to the throne, who has the right to claim the iron throne. But whether this alliance will succeed in overthrowing the king and take his place in the Red Castle we will know after the release date of episode 3 of the series House of the Dragon.

Number: Release date:
Episode 2 “The Rogue Prince” August 28, 2022

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