The best series of 2018 from Russia and Ukraine

Love experiences were, are and will be at the forefront of world art. The cinema is no exception. We offer a selection of the best Russian melodramas and Ukrainian TV series – new products of 2018.

Taste of happiness (Ukraine)

After the sudden death of her parents, all the hardships of life fell on the fragile shoulders of Valeria, including the upbringing of her young sister. The tragedy rallied the girls and contributed to building close and trusting relationships between them. However, soon Natalya, who quickly matured, began to strive for independence, and frequent quarrels begin to occur between the sisters.

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Natasha decides to leave the town and try her luck in the capital. In a new place, the girl quickly acquires new acquaintances and falls in love with a guy. But evil fate decreed that both sisters were inflamed with feelings for one man. The fight for his heart puts the heroines of the series on the warpath.

By the right of love (Russia – Ukraine)

One of the most notable newest serial melodramas of Ukraine and Russia in 2018. The strong friendship between Nikolai and Peter is threatened due to the fact that young people fell in love with the same girl. Finding herself at a crossroads, Anna chose to tie the knot with Peter. The rejected man resigned himself to the choice of the beauty and did not interfere with her happiness. After some time, the couple has a child.

But the idyll of lovers turned out to be short-lived – Peter dies by an absurd accident on a fishing boat bought by friends. Nikolai, feeling guilty and responsible, provides support to the widow and little son. While taking care of the child together, the characters of the series do not notice how their friendship develops into love.

Voice from the past (Ukraine)

Alexey is a young surgeon who devotes all his free time to work. One day during an operation, he makes a medical mistake, as a result of which the young patient remains disabled. The doctor, feeling guilty, becomes depressed and even thinks about suicide. But the support of friends, favorite work, respect and love of patients help a man cope with his feelings and forget about the incident.

Relatives of Alexei, seeing his busy schedule, were worried that he would remain lonely. However, fate decreed otherwise, and a beautiful girl burst into his life, with whom Lesha falls in love. However, the hero of the serial melodrama does not suspect that Alya is the one who suffered from his hands, and she is determined to destroy the hero’s life.

Only love is higher (Ukraine)

This romantic mini-series is a real highlight among Russian and Ukrainian melodramas – new in 2018. Marta’s family consists of creative people who have connected their lives with a spectacular art form – the circus. The girl dreams of following in the footsteps of her parents, but they do not like her daughter’s idea. They want her to achieve success in world sports . At one of the training sessions, through the fault of the coach, a tragic situation occurs that makes the beauty say goodbye to her career as a gymnast forever. Then Marta decides to become an aerial gymnast in the circus.

At this time, the beauty has two boyfriends who desperately enter the battle for her heart. However, the mother of one of the guys is not at all happy that her son has abandoned his career and is mired in love affairs. The woman does her best to annoy Martha and weaves various intrigues around her.

Love me like this (Ukraine)

A wealthy father always fulfilled any whim of his daughter. As a result, Dasha becomes arrogant and believes that everything is allowed in this world. With such a disgusting character and behavior of the young lady, many are ready to put up with the wealth and position in the society of the parent. Once Dasha found a mate for herself and began to prepare for the wedding with Pavel’s assistant.

During a bachelorette party, Daria has an accident in which her fiancé and best friend leave her. At the scene of the accident is the former mechanic of his father, Alexei, who at one time lost his job at her mercy. The guy helped the victim, but at the same time decided to teach the spoiled girl a lesson, finding out that she had lost her memory. Now Dasha has to live in poverty with an unemployed man and his foolish children.

Decembrist (Russia)

This Russian melodrama series is new in 2018 with an intriguing plot. Zinaida Uvarova lost her husband in the war and was left with a young child in her arms. After going through the hardships of the post-war period, she is trying to become happy again. The woman wants to connect her fate with the lawyer Alexei. However, the plan is not destined to come true – her chosen one is denounced, after which he is sent into exile.

The heroine of the series, without hesitation, goes after her lover. Soon the woman begins her own investigation, during which she learns interesting details that give hope that she will be able to free her beloved man from captivity.

Love by mistake (Russia)

Elena’s complexes and low self-esteem led to the fact that the pregnant girl was abandoned by her beloved man. The birth of Asya’s daughter did not change the character of the heroine. The single mother did not seek child support from the “former”. Soon the woman gets a job as a cashier with a meager salary in a local shop. Troubles accompany Lena at every turn, but this is not new to her.

Seeing her friend’s upset state, a close friend makes an appointment with a psychotherapist. In the office, the patient tells the doctor about her experiences. Soon their communication develops into love, only now Victor does not know how to inform Elena that he is not a doctor at all.

Half Happiness (Russia)

An excellent multi-part Russian melodrama series is a novelty of 2018. The family life of Andrei and Lena was quite happy by the standards of an ordinary married couple, until a terrible misfortune burst into it – their son died in a car accident. Elena learned to muffle her heartache by giving herself entirely to work in the ambulance service. Andrei, however, could not cope with depression and succumbed to the alcoholic snake, trying in vain to wash away his grief with vodka.

Under such conditions, life together became more and more painful for both. In addition, Lena accidentally met Victor, a friend of her youth, on her shift. After talking, the old acquaintances realized that there was still a lot in common between them, and Vitya was still in love with Lena. Soon the heroine learns that she is pregnant.

The third must go (Russia)

Liza Andreeva deservedly considers herself a truly happy woman with all the relevant attributes. Next to her is a young handsome husband – a successful business man who owns a restaurant business. It seems to Lisa that life has been successful, and there is no reason to dream of more, because she has everything she wants.

The only thing that the heroine sometimes worries about is that her husband is reputed to be a womanizer and, according to rumors, drags behind every skirt. But Lisa drives bad thoughts away from herself and firmly believes that her beloved Ilya, if she flirts sometimes, loves only her wife and will never cheat on her . Suddenly, the fabulous happy world of Elizabeth collapses like a house of cards – her husband is accused of raping a colleague.

Civil wife (Russia)

Russian mini-series melodrama – new in 2018. The life of a simple Russian girl named Anya is not particularly remarkable and is no different from the fate of orphans like her. Having lost her parents early, the girl ended up in an orphanage. There, Anya had to join the harsh life in a team of difficult teenagers, learn to endure the hardships of existence without relatives.

A ray of light for the heroine was a meeting with a handsome successful guy named Pavel, with whom she irrevocably fell in love. Pasha reciprocated, and soon happy young people began to prepare for the wedding . However, Anya, accustomed to loneliness from childhood, did not take into account that the groom has envious relatives who have their own plans for Pavel’s future.

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