The best Ukrainian films and series of 2018

In 2018, a lot of Ukrainian melodramas were released in Russian, and on our list you will find some of the most exciting new ones. The selection contains both full-length films and serial projects, as well as mini-series for 4 episodes.

Frog Princess (mini-series)

Ira grew up in a wealthy family, accustomed to luxury since childhood. Parents do not refuse anything to the girl, and she was convinced that a carefree and easy future awaited her. Having met an attractive and rich guy, the heroine agreed to marry him.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

While preparing for a luxurious wedding, Irina finds out that her chosen one is unfaithful. Offended, she decides to hide from everyone in the village with her grandmother. She has to live a rural life, and many of her features shock the urban and spoiled beauty. Soon Ira is waiting for an important acquaintance and a complete rethinking of the usual views on the world.

Sex and Nothing Personal (film)

Among the novelties of Ukrainian melodramas in 2018, there is a recently released project with elements of comedy and a very frank and fascinating plot. Sergey is unhappy in his personal life: his beloved constantly reproaches him for shortcomings and demonstrates contempt in every possible way.

After another misstep, the guy goes to a friend in Prague. He quickly introduces the frustrated Sergey to the local nightlife, and soon the Ukrainian gets acquainted with the charming stripper Diana. He tells her about his problems, and she agrees to help him get the girl back. The more the main character communicates with a new acquaintance, the more clearly he understands that he is no longer drawn to the past.

Year of the Dog (mini-series)

If you are looking for melodramas about love in 2018, then this series produced in Ukraine will be an excellent choice. Sasha’s life was going quite well. She showed great promise as a law student .

Once the heroine was faced with an all-consuming love, and chose to abandon the institute for the sake of marriage with her beloved. All Alexandra’s dreams and plans collapsed: her husband declared his love for another woman. The marriage is over. However, the girl’s misfortunes do not end there.

Wild Field (film)

Herman’s brother Korolev disappears, and he has to return to his native province. The guy must defend the family business and save the gas station, which is of interest to local raiders.

The protagonist has not visited the town for a long time, and he has to get used to the local realities again. Faced with the need to win back his territory, Korolev begins to look at his usual life differently. Acquiring acquaintances and discovering unknown truths, he is looking for a way to himself.

In debt to the past (TV series)

One of the most fascinating series of Ukraine in 2018 is a serial melodrama about a provincial woman who dreamed of fame and fortune. One day, eighteen-year-old Veronica leaves her hometown and family, seeking to find happiness and recognition in the metropolis.

Soon she meets the amiable man Vadim, who became her patron, but then she realizes that she made the wrong choice. Now Veronica will have to return to her hometown with a small child, but there other disappointments overtake her.

When Trees Fall (film)

Little Vita came to visit her grandmother in the province for the summer. The beautiful Larisa, the elder sister of the baby, also turns out to be in the village. The girl happens to become a witness to a stormy romance between Lara and a local gangster, a daring and self-confident Scar.

The girl’s reputation is seriously tarnished. Meanwhile, the sisters’ mothers are not up to this news: she is struggling with the recent death of her husband. However, the grandmother of the young heroines is saddened by recent events, and an oppressive atmosphere reigns at home.

Native Blood (mini-series)

Fans of Ukrainian TV series will love this novelty – a multi-part melodrama of 2018 in Russian. When Veronica was seventeen, she gave birth to a boy. At the insistence of her mother, the girl gave the baby to an orphanage, reassuring herself that he would certainly be taken to a good family.

Several years have passed. The main character got married, but her relationship with her husband does not add up. She also constantly has to worry about problems at work. Against the backdrop of these events, she increasingly recalls the mistake of youth. One day, fate gives Veronica a chance to fix everything by taking her son from an orphanage.

I, You, He, She (film)

A fascinating comedy melodrama of 2018 with the stars of Ukrainian cinema. Maxim married Yana ten years ago. During this time, the family experienced many different trials, but could not overcome another crisis. Realizing that their relationship has long become a heavy burden, the heroes come to the decision to divorce.

Parting does not scare the spouses, and they even see a lot of advantages in this. However, the judge insists that the husband and wife think for another month about whether they are really ready for such a radical step. Will anything change during this period?

Deception (TV series)

Fans of serial melodramas will probably enjoy the 2018 Ukrainian series in Russian, which tells about characters who were in love with each other in their youth, but eventually broke up. Twelve years later, Olya and Anton continue to recall past feelings, although each of them has long been living his own life.

Despite wealth and well-being, young people are dissatisfied with their personal lives, and constantly feel that they are missing something. One day, the case again brings Olga and Anton, and old love again makes itself felt.

Black Cossack (film)

One of the most extraordinary Ukrainian melodramas with elements of mysticism of 2018, which can already be viewed on the Web. Anna’s husband went to war, and subsequently she received the news of his death. This news stuns the widow, but the woman tries not to succumb to despondency, even though it is hard for her to be alone.

Anna notices that at night someone is doing difficult men’s work, which she cannot do. It turns out that the once cursed black Cossack is involved in the case. Because of his oversight, fellow villagers died, and now his suffering soul bears a heavy burden. Anna is imbued with this gloomy story.

Would you like to recommend other Ukrainian melodramas of 2018? Add to the list in the comments!

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