Support people in Ukraine by buying NFT


We can’t stay aside while the war continues in Ukraine. Every day, Russian missiles destroy schools, houses, and hospitals and take people’s lives. We want to help them, so we present an NFT collection called Vatnik.

The NFT collection of vatniks was presented on the platform with the aim of raising funds to help Ukrainians affected by the war. The author of the collection is a Ukrainian, who will transfer 90% of the funds to needy people and specialized funds.


Link to the collection:

It is worth noting that the concept of a vatnik, which back in 2014 was created by Anton Chadsky, was taken as the basis. This character highlights the worst aspects that are inherent in a typical Russian.

Anyone who buys an NFT will help people who have been left homeless, unemployed, and without means of livelihood. And there are already hundreds of thousands of them…

Also, you can donate here:



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