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Popular fantasy writer Neil Gaiman has shared with fans the news that his novel Anansi Boys has received a film adaptation from Amazon. Filming on the show has begun in Scotland, and a release date for the Anansi Boys series expected in 2022. This is not the only project based on the popular writer’s books. Recently the show American Gods was on the screens, due to numerous scandals and low ratings it was closed, at the same time a second series of Good Omens and the Sandman is being prepared. Neil Gaiman is actively involved in the filming of series based on his works, and it is expected that Anansi Boys will not be without his attention and control.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

The novel Anansi Boys was published in 2005. The author admits that the idea came to him after a conversation with comedian Larry Henry and the script for the adaptation they are preparing together. According to the writer, a TV series based on the book had been planned for the last ten years, but only after Amazon purchased the rights did the action move forward. Anansi Boys is a book whose events unfold in the universe of American Gods. But the author noted that the adaptations are unrelated and the characters will be played by different actors.

Anansi Boys
Anansi is a god from Africa, capable of taking the form of a man and a spider. In the story it is a deceitful creature, wishing to throw the world into chaos. The character is mentioned in American Gods and plays a significant role there, in Anansi Boys the god appears as a minor character and his children Charlie and Spider come to the forefront. The show’s release date is expected in 2022.

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The plot puts Charlie at the center of the story. He is a dark-skinned guy getting ready to get married. He decides to call his father as best man for the ceremony to bond with him, but learns from his aunt that he is dead. Then the woman says that Charlie’s twin brother could be the best man. The boy is perplexed to note that he doesn’t have a brother, much less a twin. But the aunt claims that if he changes his mind, he can call his brother through a spider. That same day, the hero notices a huge spider in the bathroom and jokingly gives him a message. The Anansi Boys series release date will be in 2022.

Soon a guy remotely resembling the hero himself appears on Charlie’s doorstep. He introduces himself as Spider, and from that moment on, the hero’s life changes dramatically. He is constantly haunted by failures and adventures, but coping with them, the guy himself changes, becoming more confident, which he previously lacked. The series will be released in 2022, starring Malarkey Kirby and Delroy Lindo.

Release date: 2022 (in production)
Original name: Anansi Boys
Episodes: 6
Cast: Delroy Lindo, Malachi Kirby, Lenny Henry
Streaming: Amazon

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