Better Call Saul season 6 – when is the release date?

One of the successful television projects of AMC TV studio can be safely called Better Call Saul. Now a new part is being actively prepared for the show, so fans are waiting for the release date of the series Better Call Saul season 6 – April 18, 2022. Despite the high ratings, the creators announced their intentions to close the project. After five years of filming, it is time to announce their intentions to stop broadcasting and start implementing fresh ideas. This news was an unpleasant surprise for fans of the project because many managed to love the strange lawyer and saying goodbye to the character will not be easy.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

The TV series is a spin-off to the famous crime “Breaking Bad”. The character of Saul Gouldon surprised the audience so much that the authors decided to take a risk and create a separate line about the life of a lawyer-loser. Screenwriters Peter Guldon and Vinson Gilligan were so successful that five seasons have been shown instead of the planned couple of seasons.

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In mid-winter, it was reported that the network had ordered more episodes, so fans’ speculation was confirmed, as the writers renewed the TV series Better Call Saul for a sixth season, with a release date scheduled for April 18, 2022.

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At the beginning of his career, Saul Goodman tries to follow all the rules of the law. The man is entrusted with small cases, and promising ones are sent to more experienced colleagues in the field. The frustrated man is forced to live on a tiny salary, although many lawyers earn millions. Everything changes dramatically when the next client loser lawyer becomes a criminal mastermind. The bandit offers to pay good money to buy judges and acquittals. The dream of opening his own law firm and working for himself rather than for the state pushes Saul to take risks.

Mr. Goodman begins to successfully complete high-profile hearings. Now the name Saul is familiar in the criminal community, so most people rush to him for advice, as a good specialist. The money to open the desired office appears. This helps the man to become confident in his own abilities, but along with the positive changes Saul expects and unpleasant troubles. It remains to wait for the release date of season 6 of the project “Better Call Saul” and find out what other surprises are prepared for the hero by Lady Fate.

After the official speech of the representatives of the film company about the irrevocable intention to finish the work on the high-profile drama, everyone is waiting for the premiere of the last season and hope that it will be unforgettable.

Release date: April 18, 2022
Original name: Better Call Saul
Episodes: 13
Cast: Bob Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks, Rhea Seehorn, Patrick Fabian, Giancarlo Esposito

Episodes release schedule

Number: Release date:
Season 6 Episode 1 April 18, 2022
6×2 18.04.2022
6×3 04.25.2022
6×4 05.02.2022
6×5 05.09.2022
6×6 05.16.2022
6×7 05.23.2022
6×8 07.11.2022
6×9 07.18.2022
6×10 07.25.2022
6×11 08.01.2022
6×12 08.08.2022
6×13 08.15.2022

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