Charmed season 5 – when is the release date?

Despite mixed reviews from viewers, the authors are not ready to finish the work. The tentative release date for season 5 of Charmed could be October, 2023. There is no official information about the fifth season yet, but speculation about the further development of the series continues to be a rumor. The relaunch of the picture, which tells the story of the “Power of Three”, has earned a lot of criticism in its address, but, apparently, the creators are confident in the success of the conceived venture.


The authors’ modern take on the famous story appealed only to the most loyal fans. Unfortunately, many viewers did not appreciate the metamorphosis that happened to the main characters, who suddenly turned into Hispanic women. Following the trends of tolerance, the creators did not forget to make one of the sisters a representative of the LGBT, as well as constantly remind the audience about feminism

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

charmed season 5
And if the real movie did not mention social issues at all, the film presented, literally, impregnated with them. Nevertheless, the release date of season 5 of the series “Charmed” is interested in a lot of viewers who are ready to see the work, which is fundamentally different from the good old story.

So, at the center of the plot are two sisters Mel and Maggie. One day they find out about their mother’s suicide, but some eyewitnesses claim that the woman was simply thrown out the window. Soon the girls learn of the existence of another sister named Macy. This is how the “power of three” emerges.

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In the fourth part of the show, Mel and Maggie mourn Macy. Soon, a new acquaintance unexpectedly appears in their lives who is able to revive the vanished “power of Three.” According to the synopsis, the main characters will be helped by “an artist with an unbridled lust for life.” The name of the new character has not yet been revealed, nor has his degree of kinship with the Vera family. However, many fans are sure to find out very soon when the show “Charmed” season 5 will be released.

Release date: 2023 (in production)
Original name: Charmed
Seasons: 5
Cast: Melonie Diaz, Sarah Jeffery, Rupert Evans, Madeleine Mantock
Streaming: The CW

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