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The series “Cobra Kai” for two seasons proved its worth, which was the reason for its purchase by the service Netflix. The new season was released on January 1 already in the online theater, but even three months before that announced the release date of season 4 of the drama series Cobra Kai – December 31, 2021. The show depicts a confrontation between two karate schools, but now the characters of the film, which came out in 1984, are themselves the heads of the schools, and their students fight for the honor of the institutions. “Cobra Kai” premiered on YouTube and the first two seasons were released on that platform.

Netflix bought the rights to the show in the summer of 2020 and immediately after the release the series entered the top 10 most-watched shows of the service, overtaking The Office and Umbrella Academy. This success allowed for a new season to be ordered in addition to the upcoming one and so named the release date for Cobra Kai season 4 – December 31, 2021. The show takes viewers a couple of decades into the future after the events of the movie Karate Kid, which was the basis for the series. Johnny Lawrence settles for small jobs. One day the man decides to revive the Cobra Kai school that once taught him how to fight. This does not please Johnny’s old adversary Daniel LaRusso too much.

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Unlike Johnny, Daniel’s life has turned out well. He owns a large chain of car dealerships but is constantly reminded of his teacher, Miyagi. The man holds himself responsible for his death and creates his school in his memory. So lives of heroes have intertwined again, after all, they not only teach teenagers karate but also prepare for the new competition, which will show which school is still better. Johnny is determined not to lose after the defeat to Daniel, and Daniel expects to win in memory of his teacher. He believes it will serve to atone for his guilt.

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The confrontation between old enemies escalates so much that in the last episodes that came out, one of the students went to a hospital bed. This event makes the heroes wonder if this is what the sensei taught them. The Cobra Kai season 4 release date is scheduled for late December 2021 and rumor has it that in future seasons, old enemies may join forces for the common good.

The third season of Cobra Kai was released in January 2021 and the continuation of the project has shown that mainstays Johnny and Daniel have begun to reflect on what they were taught in their youth. The boys thought the main goal was to win, but when their children enter the ring and are already in mortal danger, their views begin to change. Rumor has it that a fourth season of the series may show a reconciliation between the nemeses.

That the series Cobra Kai will receive a release date of season 4 in December 2021 became known after its purchase by service Netflix, but the exact date of the premiere may be announced in February 2021. Viewers are waiting for another ten episodes, which could be the logical conclusion of the project because the platform is known for not liking to do long-playing shows. In addition, the events of the third season hint that the show could have a logical and happy ending.

Release date: December 31, 2021
Original name: Cobra Kai
Episodes: 10
Cast: Courtney Henggeler, Mary Mouser, Tanner Buchanan, Ralph Macchio, Xolo Maridueña
Streaming: Netflix
Season 5 2022

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