Condor season 3 – when is the release date?

Joe led a very humble life. And that’s not counting the fact that he worked in the analytical department of the CIA, where he developed programs for Mexicans capable of committing terrorist attacks. One of such programs was used against an Islamist man living in America, which did not fit the algorithm of the program invented by Joe. That’s where it all started… The release date of season 3 of the series Condor is set for 2023.

Continuation of the exciting multi-series action movie “Condor” viewers are waiting with particular impatience. After all, everyone knows that the series is based on James Grady’s book “Six Days of the Condor” and the end of Season 2 did not tell everything that is in the book.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

condor season 3
However, all is not as good as it seemed at first glance. The project was created with some scandals and turmoil. According to some sources, there might not have been a 2nd season of “The Condor” as the creators were divided on what format to work in next. On the fate of season 3 as yet no information. One thing is known: as of December 2021, the production process has not begun.


Joe is so wounded that the breakup of six years ago is still painfully perceived. His friends, married couple Maya and Sam, have long suggested that he find a new girlfriend, but Joe is resistant to provocation. Then Maya herself decides to register her friend on a dating site, finding him a girlfriend. Unexpectedly one of them agrees to meet Joe.

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At the same time, other events occur. An Islamist living in Washington, D.C., has been under CIA surveillance for six weeks. Suddenly, ceasing his usual way of life, he goes to the safety deposit box, takes from there a package with unknown contents, and goes to his place of work – to the stadium. At that moment, 80,000 people have gathered there to watch a soccer game.

When Joe found out that Islamists want to kill, he decided to stand up for him, because in the package could be anything! CIA agents decide not to wait for the package to open, and disarm the terrorist, taking his life. The package turns out to contain a substance capable of infecting the entire stadium with a deadly virus. No one would have a chance of survival.

Joe gets the next task – to make such an algorithm that will help find a man who ordered the Islamists to destroy 80 thousand people. Approaching the case with all determination, Joe quickly gets close to the man involved in such actions. And while others are poking around, Joe identifies the main perpetrator. The release date of season 3 of the series Condor is set for spring 2023.

Realizing that the CIA is closing in on him, the bandit decides to take out the entire analysis department, and with it Joe. But unfortunately for the criminal, Joe manages to escape. True, he has absolutely no skills to stand up for himself. He has to fight for his life with wit and the ability to run, because that’s all he can do.

Release date: 2023 (in production)
Original name: Condor
Episodes: 10
Cast: Max Irons, William Hurt, Kristen Hager, Bob Balaban, Brendan Fraser
Streaming: Audience

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