Dynasty season 5 – when is the release date?

In early February 2021, CW representatives announced the renewal of the show for another chapter. The official release date of Dynasty 5 season 1 series will be December 20, 2021. Filming of the series of the new fifth season began in late October 2021. Fans of the project will have to stock up on patience, while the writers are preparing the main characters for new plot twists.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?


The melodrama is a remake of the 1981 tape of the same name. The authors decided to “restart” the project, which at one time enjoyed incredible success. True, the creators changed the type of activity of some characters, nationality and even gender. Nevertheless, fans eagerly awaited information about the release date of all episodes Dynasty season 5.

Dynasty season 5
Blake Carrington is going to marry a girl named Crystal, which his daughter Fallon is not happy about at all. Far-sighted girl immediately realized that the new passion of her father wants to seize the money of a rich family. However, the oil tycoon in love does not want to listen to the wise advice of his beloved daughter. Then Fallon has to turn for help to the main enemy of the Carrington family – Jeff Colby. It turns out that Crystal has many secrets that she would rather not voice. At the same time, Carrington’s ex-wife appears on the horizon. Now Crystal will have to do her best to get to her fiancé’s cherished money.

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The 1981 melodrama was named “Best Drama Series” in its day. Unsurprisingly, by making a “reboot,” the authors hoped to achieve similar success. However, despite the stable viewer interest, the picture in no way can achieve more impressive numbers. The film is intended for a wide variety of audiences, as it shows characters from the LGBT community. It is worth noting that the old version did not take such “liberties”. The release date of Dynasty season 5 is set for December 2022.

According to series creator Josh Schwartz, he tried to make the remake relevant and more comedic. The screenwriter stressed that the picture is played by really funny actors. The authors have already announced whether there will be a screening of Dynasty season 5, so fans should not worry.

Release date: December 20, 2021
Original name: Dynasty
Episodes: 16
Cast: Elizabeth Gillies, Daniella Alonso, Elaine Hendrix, Rafael de La Fuente, Sam Underwood, Michael Michele
Streaming: The CW

Episodes release schedule

Number: Release date:
Episode 1 December 20, 2021
1×2 12.10.2022
1×3 03.11.2022
1×4 03.18.2022
1×5 03.25.2022
1×6 2022

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