Euphoria season 3 – when is release date?

The HBO drama series about the lives of high school students will return in 2023. HBO executives have set an April 2022 release date for season 3 of Euphoria. For years, Ru Bennett’s parents have been struggling with their daughter’s drug addiction. But when a new girl, Jules, comes to town, everything changes. The story here is unvarnished — teenagers obsessed with one-night stands, emotional, reckless, and shameless. And also the adults whose secrets can rob them of their family and connections…

Ru was born three days after the terrorist attack that shook America. At the time, the twin towers had been hit by terrorists, and all the hospitals did not have enough room for patients. Roo was born a healthy girl, but over time her parents began to notice that she was acting suspiciously. She could focus her gaze for long periods of time and was impossible to distract.

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Later, doctors discovered she had a mental illness, informing her mother that the child had obsessive compulsive disorder and bipolar disorder. Panic attacks drove Rue crazy – she was a frequent visitor to hospital rooms. A sister was born. Later, her father passed away. He died of cancer. Roo went downhill. She got hooked on drugs and never missed an excuse to have fun.

She overdosed at home. That’s when her sister found her. After that, Roo was hospitalized for a long time, taken there by her distraught mother. After receiving freedom for good behavior, Roo goes back. She didn’t plan on quitting drugs one bit. On her first day, the girl found her dealer and was like this.

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Along with Ru’s life, the story is told about a new girl from the town. Jules gave the impression of a strange girl. She looked like Sailor Moon and behaved inadequately at times. Roo liked her instantly, and at another party she suggested that Jules leave the event together. So their relationship began, which became Roo’s hope for improvement.

But there are still many people in the town whose problems are covered extensively in the series. For example, high school athlete Nate can’t get over an ex-girlfriend cheating on him by having an orgy in the pool with another man. Nate’s family is very well-off, his father spoils the boy endlessly and at the same time is a great parent.

In Episode 1 of Season 1, Jules decides to meet a married man who actually rapes her. It soon becomes clear that this man is Nate’s father, the very pious parent. But this is the most innocent secret we have yet to learn…

Release date: 2023 (in production)
Original name: Euphoria
Episodes: 8
Cast: Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, Jacob Elordi, Alexa Demie
Streaming: HBO

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