Hunters season 2 – when is release date?

In February 2020, the drama series Hunters/Hunters was released on Amazon Prime Video. The first season was criticized by the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum. But the overall reviews from critics and viewers were favorable. Against this background, can we hope for a sequel? Will the Hunters season 2 be filmed?

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

The storyline of the series

Events unfold in 1977. A young boy named Jonah witnesses the murder of his grandmother in Brooklyn. After that, fate brings him together with Meyer Offerman. He tells him that he survived the Holocaust and was in the same camp as his grandmother Ruth. Meyer is now in charge of the Nazi Hunters group. Jonah’s grandmother was a member of this group. Now Jonah must take her place. The release date of season 2 of the Hunters series has not yet been announced. The new series is expected to be released in the spring of 2022.

The other members of the group are not thrilled with the arrival of a young and inexperienced newcomer. But Jonah is a mathematician and a hacker. He’s good at code. And can be useful to the community. He manages to figure out his grandmother’s killer. He was a guard at Camp Auschwitz and killed Ruth’s little sister. Meyer kills him.

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In Florida, an elderly NASA scientist is murdered. FBI agent Millie Morris takes over the investigation. She manages to find Nazi connections. The hunters find a connection between the tragic events that took place in America and the Nazis. There is talk of a Nazi conspiracy. Another Nazi event is being prepared in New York.

To investigate the Nazi murders, the Colonel sends Travis, a very dangerous man leading the Nazi underground. He goes out to Meyer’s house and tries to destroy Ruth’s archives, which help the hunters track down war criminals. FRB agent Morris presses charges against Meyer for killing several people. Even though he knows they were all Nazis.

Murray and Jonah learn of an impending terrorist attack on the subway. They manage to prevent it. But Murray is killed. It is up to Jonah to discover that Meyer is really his grandfather. And why he and Ruth have so legitimized their relationship. After this, Jonah begins the search for Wolf. He is the doctor who conducted the experiments in the concentration camp. But what Jonah discovers puts him in shock.

What’s to Come in the Hunters Season 2

At the end of the first season, the remaining Hunters are going to Europe. There they will continue their mission. There are still many Nazis hiding behind masks of well-meaning citizens. And all of them must be exposed and suffer the punishment they deserve. Only in this way will their victims, tortured in the torture chambers of the concentration camps, be avenged. If Hunters season 2 is filmed, we will see a continuation of the story of the Hunters’ activities.

Release date: 2022 (in production)
Original name: Hunters
Episodes: 10
Cast: Al Pacino, Logan Lerman, Kate Mulvany, Tiffany Boone, Carol Kane
Streaming: Amazon

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