La Brea Season 2 on NBC release date

On September 28, 2021, the premiere of the fantastic project started on NBC. The creator of the show is the author of “The Mentalist” David Appelbaum. Tentatively, the release date for season 2 of La Brea is set for October 2022. Despite mixed reviews from critics, the show has a high chance of getting a second season.


A fantastic picture, telling about a group of people caught in a strange funnel, interested the fans of the genre. Throughout the mystical story, the audience watched the ups and downs of the main characters with great interest.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

Critics assessed the picture more coolly, noting the weak acting and poor-quality direction. But despite the listed shortcomings, a lot of viewers are interested in the release date of all episodes La Brea season 2.

One day in the middle of Los Angeles, a huge hole opens up, into which people, city buildings and transport fall. Among those caught in the funnel is a woman named Eve and her son Josh. The survivors find themselves in a mysterious primitive civilization that hides in its depths a bunch of dangers. Meanwhile, Eve’s daughter and husband, who remained upstairs, are trying to help those close to them.

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Many critics compare the project with the cult film Lost, since both works contain enough mystical mysteries. Despite the fact that the picture presented is inferior to the famous show, it was appreciated quite well. Now viewers are worried about whether the show of La Brea season 2 will be at all, or whether the creators will be limited to only one chapter. Fans of the genre have to wait for the official announcement.

Interesting Facts

  • Most of all, the actress Natalie Zee was remembered by the audience for the works “Californication” and “In sight”. Initially, she did not plan to appear in the presented picture, but after talking with her husband she changed her mind. In one of the interviews, Natalie was asked when the picture of La Brea season 2 will be released, and where the new plot can lead the heroes. The actress responded evasively, saying that there are definitely hints and prerequisites for creating a sequel.
  • Since Owen Macken is fond of fantasy stories, he immediately accepted the offer to play in the fascinating creation of Applebaum. In addition, it was interesting for the actor to try on the image of his father, since in real life the man did not have time to acquire heirs. Talking about the tape, Macken compares it to Indiana Jones.
  • By the way, to get to know his “on-screen” daughter better, Owen talked with Zira Goretski before filming. This approach allowed both of them to feel no discomfort in the work process itself.
  • The show was filmed in Australia for about six months. .
Release date: 2022 (in production)
Original name: La Brea
Episodes: 13
Cast: Natalie Zea, Eoin Macken, Chiké Okonkwo, Karina Logue, Zyra Gorecki
Streaming: NBC

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