Little Demon – when is the release date?

Hulu has revealed that the long-awaited animated project Demonette has finally found a release date. The show has been talked about for a couple of years, and the rumors were served by the fact that it was created by Dan Harmon, the notorious screenwriter who co-created Rick and Morty. The project is shot in the horror genre and is rife with black humor. At the beginning of the summer, the network presented a trailer and told viewers that the release date of the animated film Little Demon would be August 25, 2022. Cult actor Danny DeVito, his daughter Lucy and Scott Pilgrim star Aubrey Plaza are set to voice the main characters.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

The story introduces viewers to a 13-year-old girl. She looks like an ordinary teenager, but her sweet appearance and willful temper hides a demonic essence, because the father of the heroine is Satan himself. He took her mother by force, but the woman did not want to give her father a child, hiding from him in Delaware. When the girl reaches the age of 13, her father’s power awakens in her, which gives away her being with her mother. Satan wants to personally take over her upbringing, but the girl actively resists it. Hulu viewers will know how the story ends when the show airs on the channel. The release date is August 25, 2022.

The presented trailer opened the veil over the upcoming show. The project turned out to be very bloody and colored with black humor, and therefore the rating for viewers was set at 18+. It revealed that a girl learns about demonic powers on her 13th birthday. She goes to school, where she is once again bullied and when a local bully bursts into her stall in the bathroom, she becomes enraged by blowing his head off with her mind. This leads to a mini-apocalypse as the heroine begins to destroy the abusers.

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The girl’s mother comes to pick her up at school and rushes her away, explaining her birth story along the way. The woman hopes to escape, but does not have time, as Satan appears and takes the girl with him to hell, where he tells her his version of events. The release date for the animated film Demon Girl is August 25, 2022.

The girl antichrist rejoices at the information she discovers, for she has dreamed of something similar. She likes her father’s words about not avoiding his responsibilities and blaming it on her mother, but when Satan reveals that he has decided to give up the devil’s pranks and adopted the image of a middle manager, setting up a democracy in hell, the girl decides to return to earth and resists her father’s attempts to get involved in her life in every way possible. The show’s release date is August 25, 2022.

Release date: August 25, 2022
Original name: Little Demon
Episodes: 7
Genres: Animation, Comedy
Cast: Danny DeVito, Aubrey Plaza, Lucy DeVito
Streaming: FXX

Episodes release schedule

Number: Release date:
Episode 1 August 25, 2022
1×2 25.08.2022
1×3 01.09.2022
1×4 08.09.2022
1×5 15.09.2022
1×6 22.09.2022
1×7 29.09.2022

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