Manifest season 4 – when is release date?

Loyal fans saved the show with their social media activity. The release date of Manifest season 4 is expected on August 2022. Recall that on August 28, 2021, NBC service officially renewed the series for a final fourth season. It is already known that the last chapter will consist of 20 episodes.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?


The creator of the picture was Jeff Rake, who said that the idea for the series came to him more than 10 years ago before the author ventured to bring the idea to life. The work is a successful combination of sci-fi, drama, and thriller. The first chapter of the show received universal audience approval and mostly positive reviews from critics. Today, the authors informed the fans when the tape Manifest season 4 will be released, so interested viewers can not worry.

The plot centers on a group of people caught in a zone of turbulence during a flight. When the passengers return home, they are greeted not only by relatives but also by FBI agents. It turns out that the flight dragged on for a full five years, which the heroes onboard the aircraft did not even realize. Everyone, including the relatives of the passengers, considers them dead. The returnees themselves have to come to terms with the idea that their loved ones learned to live without them long ago.

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Some of the lucky ones manage to reunite with their families, while others face unpleasant surprises. But this is not the only problem of the “lost in time and space” – now the former passengers of Montego 828 hear strange “calls” for help from those around them. Society begins to believe that those who have returned from the other side of the world have no place in this world.

In the planned chapter, viewers are promised new characters who may rise from the dead. Project showrunner Jeff Rake warns that he may “revive” some of the characters. The promising statements by the project’s writers only increase interest in the approaching release date of all episode Manifest season 4.

In the final episodes, the authors hinted that the investigators were getting closer to the solution. A wreckage of a plane with a flight recorder was found in the sea and it turned out that it belonged to Flight 828. It might suggest that the real plane fell and instead, for unknown reasons, a plane from an alternate universe, where time flows faster, landed. This could explain the heroes’ ability to anticipate events. How close to the truth this fan theory is will be revealed in future seasons. The fourth season will be released in 2022.

Release date: November 4, 2022
Original name: Manifest
Episodes: 20
Cast: Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas, J.R. Ramirez, Daryl Edwards
Streaming: NBC
seson 5 NBC
Number: Release date:
Season 4 November 4, 2022
Season 5 2024

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