Manifest season 5 – when is release date?

Rumors of a sequel to the story have appeared on the World Wide Web. Tentatively, the release date of season 5 of “Manifest” could happen on September 22, 2024. Fans hope that the high ratings of the series will make the creators think about extending the tape for a fifth season. Recall, in 2021, NBC channel closed the project. The picture was saved by the audience, which launched a massive campaign to save the beloved work. Then the ubiquitous Netflix service stepped in and decided to stream the final fourth chapter.


The author of the idea was Jeff Rake, who had far-reaching plans for his work. The creator had planned to present as many as six chapters of the sci-fi drama, but the NBC channel decided to close the project because of the low ratings of the third part. Then Reik appealed to fans, promising them that he would try to find a “new home” for his show.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

Soon the service Netflix decided to organize the demonstration of the picture on its platform, delighting loyal fans. It is possible that in time, the brainchild of Reik may get a release date for season 5 of “Manifesto”, but it is too early to dream about it.

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At the center of the plot are the passengers of the aircraft, which are caught in a zone of turbulence. After landing, they are surprised to realize that they have been on the flight not a few hours, but five years. The passengers’ loved ones have long lost hope of seeing the missing, so many have started a new life. Now the returnees will have to adjust to the changed world around them. Meanwhile, society nearby has split into two camps: the first group sees the survivors as messiahs, and the second group sees them as a real danger. The passengers themselves have to seek answers to difficult questions.

The third chapter of the show ended with a big hint of a sequel. That is why viewers had no doubts about the continuation of the picture. Now many fans are waiting for the Manifesto tape 5 season to come out, but the further fate of the project remains unknown.

Release date: 2024
Original name: Manifest
Episodes: 20
Cast: Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas, J.R. Ramirez, Daryl Edwards
Streaming: NBC
Number: Release date:
Season 5 2024

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