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Hulu TV channel has announced the release of a series in the biopic genre, dedicated to the iconic boxer Mike Tyson. The release date became known from the teaser, where viewers saw the actor Trevante Rhodes, who agreed to play the famous athlete. The release date for the Mike series is scheduled for August 25, 2022. Actress Margot Robbie was the executive producer, and Steven Rogers wrote the script for the picture.

Notable is the fact that the series caused displeasure with the hero of the narrative – Mike Tyson. The man wrote on social networks that the managers of the service did not take his permission to create a series about his life, and the reason, in his opinion, is their greed because for this they would have to shell out a substantial fee.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

According to the boxer, this once again shows the lack of respect of the white population of the United States for black people and the BLM movement, which made a sensation in the world, has not changed the situation. The actor called for a boycott of the channel and said that he was sure in advance that the project would fail because it presented a view of a man from the outside, not his own view of events. The show’s release date is August 25, 2022.

No less furious criticism from the actor caused the news that the authors have decided not to focus specifically on his career of Mike, and cover different episodes of his life, including the scandalous, because the boxer was accused of sexual abuse, and in one of the fights hurt his opponent by biting his ear.

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The man believes that the scandalous episodes, especially the incident with the allegations of rape, the creators of the show viscous on purpose to attract attention to the project because all kinds of dirt arouse interest. Despite the athlete’s disagreement, the show will be released on time. The show’s release date will be August 25, 2022.

Mike Tyson is a boxer who became famous for taking the heavyweight title as the youngest athlete to ever win it. He bit his opponents, walked a tiger on a leash around town while wearing nothing but his underpants, and was accused of rape. The man is still in the tabloids to this day, despite having long since retired.

The upcoming series touches on the boxer’s career, his personal life and at the same time, explores the attitude of American society towards black people who manage to realize themselves, coming out of the bottom, reaching respectable status. The series will be released on August 25, 2022.

Release date: August 25, 2022
Original name: Mike
Episodes: 8
Genres: Drama, Mini-Series, Sport
Cast: Trevante Rhodes, Harvey Keitel, Russell Hornsby
Streaming: Apple TV

Episodes release schedule

Number: Release date:
Episode 1 August 12, 2022
1×2 25.08.2022
1×3 01.09.2022
1×4 01.09.2022
1×5 08.09.2022
1×6 08.09.2022
1×7 15.09.2022
1×8 15.09.2022

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