Peaky Blinders season 6 – when is the release date?

The British TV series about the Shelby crime family became so popular that the BBC TWO channel, engaged in its development, twice extended the project for two seasons at once. As such, viewers expect director Stephen Knight to announce Peaky Blinders season 6 with a 2022 release date. At the center of the story is a criminal gang created by the Shelby gypsy family. As the story progresses, she spreads her influence from Birmingham to other cities in the UK.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

The premiere of the first episode of the sixth season of Peaky Blinders is expected in February 2022.

The Peaky Blinders project started on TV in 2013. Each season receives 6 episodes, which allows you to show interesting events without stretching them over a huge number of episodes. This is one of the reasons for the success of the project – what is happening develops quickly, and the viewer does not have time to get bored. The release date of season 6 of Peaky Blinders will be set by BBC Two in 2022, as the broadcasting schedule for 2019 is the fifth season of the project. The first episode will premiere on February 2022.

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The central role in the story was played by Cillian Murphy, a big-screen star who managed to take root in the television series. The actor brought to life the middle brother of the Shelby clan, who became the brain of the whole group and the de facto head, despite the fact that his older brother Arthur is considered the main one by the right of age, but fulfills this role nominally.

The family consists of four blood brothers, but the clan is much larger. Peaky Blinders is a gang that actually existed in Britain in the 20s of the last century. Stephen Knight said in an interview that his parents often recalled the events of those years, which served as the idea for the creation of the project, however, what is happening in the series is not historical truth, although in part and close to it. Despite this, the project became popular with viewers around the world and received prestigious awards for Best Drama.

From a recent interview with Stephen Knight, it became known that the Peaky Blinders series was extended for a 6th season, with a release date announced in early 2022. All the actors will return to their roles and there may be new interesting characters performed by world-class stars. So in the project, Adrien Brody and Tom Hardy played cameo roles, which is a real gift for fans.

Unlike many criminal groups of the last century, the Peaky Blinders had their own code of honor, which indicated the importance of blood ties and family well-being. Thanks to the desire to stick together and raise their family out of poverty, the heroes were able to achieve success and become a thunderstorm not only in their city, but also to spread their influence to London, where the Italian mafia and bandits of Jewish origin were active.


A distinctive feature of the gang is the manner in which they dress and wear caps with a sharpened piece of metal or a blade sewn into the visor. The release of Sharpened Visors in 2013 was a great way for the channel to raise the rating. The first episodes were watched by 2.4 million viewers worldwide. For the new series, this is a high figure, which was the reason to immediately name the release date for the next two seasons.

A similar situation happened in 2016, when the renewals for season 4 and 5 were announced. Viewers today are hoping that the release of the sixth season of Peaky Blinders coincides with the announcement of the next season seven release date. The project boasts not only an excellent storyline full of crime, intrigue and extremely unexpected twists, as well as a masterful acting, but also a powerful soundtrack created by the famous musician Nick Cave. Peaky blinders season 6 episodes should not be expected until early 2022 for Stephen Find and the BBC TWO to announce the release date of season 6 episodes.


Stephen Knight, who previously announced season 6, said that it would not be possible to release new episodes in 2022, but the studio is ready to start filming. This will happen at the end of December. If the situation does not worsen, then new episodes should be expected in January 2022. Also, the author of the project shared his thoughts that there are already all the prerequisites for the 7th season. If he becomes the last one for the Peaky Blinders, viewers shouldn’t be upset. It is not the first year that BBC One, which has been showing the show since season 5, is interested in developing the story, which could result in a spin-off or a full-length film. However, this information has not yet been concluded at the stage of talks and real agreements.

Nevertheless, in anticipation of the upcoming season, viewers are wondering where the plot will unfold. From the episodes that have already been released, fans know that initially a small criminal group has grown to an influential force at the country level, and Shelby’s interests already extend beyond its borders. But fans know that expansion is not given to the family for no reason and that Thomas and his brothers will have to face a new danger.

Latest news

The appearance of the charismatic Stephen Graham in the series was recently announced. The creators do not disclose what role the actor will play, but fans are confident that he can embody on the screen the head of a major crime syndicate who does not like Shelby’s success. It is possible that Stephen Graham’s organization will become a new threat to the Shelby clan and the plot of season 6 will focus on this confrontation.

Release date: February 27, 2022
Original name: Peaky Blinders
Episodes: 6
Cast: Cillian Murphy, Helen McCrory, Joe Cole
Streaming: BBC

Episodes release schedule

Number: Release date:
1×1 February 27, 2022
1×2 06.03.2022
1×3 13.03.2022
1×4 20.03.2022
1×5 27.03.2022
1×6 03.04.2022

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