Seal Team season 6 – when is the release date?

Each part of the multi-part action film tells the story of the work of a naval special forces unit. The release date of “Seal Team” season 6 is scheduled for November  2022. Jason Hayes devoted his youth to the Special Forces, and all he knows how to do is solve complex combat tasks and lead warriors like him. An analytical mind, the ability to anticipate the actions of the enemy and try not to endanger the lives of civilians – that’s how you can characterize Jason.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?


After the film’s ratings plummeted, CBS ceded the broadcast rights to Paramount+. For a long time, it was unknown whether there would be a sequel to the TV series or whether it would end with the fifth season. Not so long ago, the authors of the project announced the filming of the next season of Seal Team.

Jason Hayes devoted his whole life to work. He has no personal life, no hobbies, and no free time. He is constantly on business trips, which, in principle, he likes. The only thing that saddens him is the death of a comrade, which greatly affected Jason’s mental state.

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The leadership decides to send Hayes to a psychotherapist for a verdict on whether Jason can continue to take part in military operations. The therapist allows the main character to continue working but schedules another visit.

Young and promising Clay Spencer joins the squad – agile, smart, and young, but strongly reminiscent of his dead comrade Hayes. This greatly annoys Jason. During one operation, a captured terrorist had to be kept alive to get important information, but Spencer, disobeying orders, killed him. Hayes, losing his composure, starts a firefight with Clay. The entire squad realizes that the two will not be able to work together any further.

Seal Team
Seal Team is waiting for the release date

For several seasons, viewers watched this fight, but gradually the relationship between the men ceased to be an important part of the plot. Hayes was already concerned about other issues and working with Spencer was not in charge. Every day they had to stand up for America, and who knows which of those days would be the last?

The cast and their roles

  • Jason Hayes – feels hard the death of a comrade, communicates with his relatives; involuntarily compares Clay to him and sees a tremendous similarity; is responsible for his work; suffers from neurosis, but in the beginning of the series does not want to admit it – David Boreanaz.
  • Ray – Jason’s best friend and partner; wonderful family man, at the beginning of the series a father expecting a new addition to the family; devoted not so much to the case as to the people he works with; calm, poised, able to point the right way with his thoughts; one of the few who took a positive view of Clay’s stay in the group – Neil Brown Jr.
  • Clay is a rookie in Hayes’ squad; his father wrote a book about SEALs long before he became one, a fact that caused many to dislike Clay and consider him similar to his father; on his first operation he disobeyed orders and killed a terrorist, which was the first conflict between him and Jason – Max Thiriot.
Release date: October 2022
Original name: Seal Team
Episodes: 10
Cast: David Boreanaz, Max Thieriot, Neil Brown Jr, Toni Trucks
Streaming: Paramount

Season 6 episodes release schedule

Number: Release date:
Season 6 Episode 1 October 2022
6×2 2022
6×3 2022
6×4 2022
6×5 2022
6×6 2022
6×7 2022
6×8 2022
6×9 2022
6×10 2022
6×11 2022

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  1. Etta Allison-Mockenhaupt

    This is my all-time favorite show, got hooked over Christmas, now I can’t wait until Sundays. It’ll be interesting to see how they shake off the local cops, or will Sunny just blow them away, humm, we shall see

  2. Drina

    The Season 5 ending was a horrible cliff hanger. I can’t wait till October/November to see who lives, they all just got blown up!!! Jason is finally dealing with his head again and back with Mandy and figuring it out, Clay just got to take baby Bryan home, Clay and Sonny just made up and Sonnys going to see Leighann next week, Rays been through enough and needs to help the homeless vets. They can’t die!!!

  3. Lea Tartanian

    I cannot wait for Season Six! Best show EVER! We need more shows like this so That Americans are aware of those who are protecting our wonderful country.

  4. Teresa

    Each season has gotten better and better! So glad they decided on a season six!!!! Wow, can’t believe I have to wait now till November 2022 but it will be worth it! YAY!!!

  5. Mike Matherly

    Yes, definitely. One of the most true to life shows Ive ever seen.
    Continue current individual story lines re TBI PTSD etc and rehab, family and personal relations as well as covert missions.
    Too good a show to end. Drama, suspense, excitement, action etc too good to give up.

  6. Tim Jordan

    One of the greatest, most exciting shows I’ve ever seen. Demonstrates the challenges of our finest warriors both on and off the battle field. The cast is so good in their roles, I have to believe real Navy Seals would be proud of this show as a tribute to all they have given and will continue to give in the service of this country. More shows showing their selfless sacrifice on missions of the standard variety and also those “off the grid”, plus the sacrifice their families must bear as they serve our national interests!

  7. Tim

    Knock off all the lamme shit that leaked in in S5 and some of S4, and go back to the formula that worked! While a noble cause, I don’t want to be flogged with feel-good crap like the TBI cause when I watch action entertainment! The show was outstanding, and can be again!

  8. seal team movie

    Eres un grandisimo redactor. Gracias, Un saludo

  9. user

    I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon. Thanks , hlyn Steger

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