Squid Game season 3 – when is the release date?

Squid Game is a series from Netflix that has become the most acclaimed and watched show on TV in 2021. Its popularity left no doubt that there would be a sequel for the show, and its creator Hwang Dong-hyuk has repeatedly said that he is ready to work further and has ideas for developing the story. Official news about the filming of the second season did not appear until the summer of 2022, and information about negotiations on the third season has also penetrated the network. It is very likely the agreement on his filming will sign in the near future, and the release date of season 3 of the series The Squid Game will be in 2024.

The Squid Game series is a story about people trying to win a cash prize. At the center of the story is a group of people forced for various reasons to agree to participate in a mysterious game that will bring the winner a huge amount of money. Someone agrees to participate because of serious debts, others are trying to help their families, and some need money for medical treatment. The participants do not reveal the full rules, but after the first test, it becomes clear that to lose the game means an automatic death. And the only survivor will be the winner.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

The first season introduces viewers to Son Ki Hoon, a gambling addict who lost all his money and decided to participate to stop his ex-wife from taking his daughter to the United States. He is rumored to be the main character of the second season. What will be shown in the third season is unknown, but its release date is expected in 2024.

Squid Game season 3
Song Ki Hoon came out a winner in the first season, but the man’s story is not complete. He is interested in uncovering the truth about the organizers of the cruel game, which may be shown in upcoming episodes. In season two, the game is expected to unfold in the United States, but it will have the old organizers. The third season will continue to tell the story of losers who wanted to make easy money, perhaps new characters will be brought to the screens or minor characters from previous seasons will be at the center of events. The Squid Game season 3 release date will be in 2024.

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Series director Hwang Dong-Hyuk said that the idea for the series dates back to 2008, but for many years he could not find funding for the project. He said that the success of the show is only logical because he had to think of every single detail during the preparations. The author of the show noted that the shooting of new seasons is possible if he remains confident that it will be possible to create even more interesting stories than in the first season. Season 2 will bring back Song Ki Hoon and other characters, and they will appear in flashbacks, and the third season’s storyline is unknown, but their release date is set for 2024.

Release date: 2024
Original name: Ojingeo geim
Episodes: 9
Cast: Lee Jung-jae, Park Hae-soo, Jung Hoyeon
Streaming: Netflix

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