Star Trek: Picard season 2 – when is release date?

Fans of the Star Trek space saga can rest easy – a new series within the Picard project has marked an extension even before the premiere. CBS Television, which is developing the series, has announced a March 3, 2022 release date for Season 2 of Star Trek Picard. This is the official statement from the studio, but when exactly they will release is unknown. It depends on the speed of filming and a number of factors. The show consists of 10 episodes of 45 minutes, expect the second season to come out with similar timing.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

Executive producer Alex Kurtzman said that the Star Trek Picard Season 2 release date will be March 3, 2022, and is a big deal for the channel.

Admiral Picard is a well-known character in the space story Star Trek. The project has cult status and competes for the right to be considered the best sci-fi saga with George Lucas’ Star Wars. Star Trek has received several screen adaptations and separate series, but the novelty of Star Trek: Picard is indirectly related to the last two motion pictures. According to the plot, the events will unfold 20 years after described in the movie “Star Trek. Revenge”, but they will also affect the destruction of the planet Romulus, which was shown in the film “Star Trek” in 2009.

Star Trek: Picard will tell the story of retired Admiral Picard. After completing his career, he settles on Earth. He is often reminded of his friend Data, a representative of the artificial life form that was destroyed on Romulus. The hero remembers how Starfleet found a way to break a promise to help the inhabitants of this planet and blames himself for it. Suddenly, a girl named Dash appears in the hero’s life.

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She was tried to be killed, but she was able to fight back hard and saw an ex-military man in her dream. Dash decided to ask for help but later changed her mind as she didn’t want to get him in trouble. Meanwhile, Picard became interested in the young girl’s story and found mention of the daughter in Data’s notes, whose picture convinced him that this was the man seeking his help.

The second season, after a release date in 2022, develops the story of a retired military man and a synthetic survivor. The hero discovers that he has a twin sister and sets out to find her. It turns out that someone benefited from the destruction of Romulus, and the creation of new synthetics, which is banned after the disaster on Romulus, is no accident. Viewers still have half of the first season to go, and after it ends, CBS will announce the March 3, 2022, episode release date for Star Trek Picard Season 2.

Release date: March 3, 2022
Original name: Star Trek: Picard
Episodes: 10
Creator: Douglas Aarniokoski
Cast: Patrick Stewart, Isa Briones, Michelle Hurd, Santiago Cabrera, Alison Pill, Evan Evagora
Streaming: CBS

Episodes release schedule

Number: Release date:
Episode 1 March 3, 2022
2×2 03.10.2022
2×3 03.17.2022
2×4 03.24.2022
2×5 03.31.2022
2×6 04.07.2022
2×7 04.14.2022
2×8 04.21.2022
2×9 04.28.2022
2×10 05.05.2022

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