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The Apple TV+ service has managed to become famous for big budgets for large-scale series in its short years of existence. The new one, called Surface, is an erotic thriller about the search for self, created by Veronica West, the author of the series Melomaniac. The lead role in the series is played by Gugu Embatoi-Ro, known for Netflix’s Black Mirror. The Surface series is scheduled for a July 29, 2022 release date.

The series was first talked about in 2020, and Gugu Embatoi-Rho was immediately cast in the lead role, while also making her a co-producer of the upcoming project. The project is a dramatic story where the main character has to reconstruct events from the past after suffering a serious head injury. The difficult situation is complicated by the fact that the girl’s family and friends do not want to convey the truth to the girl, which the heroine will understand later. What prompted the relatives to do such an ugly way, tells the novelty of Apple TV +, whose release date will be July 29, 2022.

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At the center of the plot is a girl named Sophie. She wakes up in the hospital and remembers nothing of the past. She learns from her loved ones that the amnesia occurred due to a head injury. The heroine begins to ask about the past in the hope to restore the events, but family and friends evade direct answers. As the story progresses, the girl discovers that she tried to commit suicide and this led to trauma and memory loss. But what prompted her to take this terrible step is unknown. In the course of examining Sophie’s past, many facts will be revealed that will force her to look afresh at events, loved ones, and herself. The release date of the series Surface is set for July 29, 2022.

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The producers of the series shared that against the background of the main story, they are trying to find an answer to the question of whether there is a program or predestination, which characterizes the actions of man and leads him to some significant events, or he is free to manage their own life and if he had the opportunity to re-live it, he would act differently. The authors do not reveal the answer to this puzzle, offering to solve it on their own by watching the new psychological thriller Surface, whose release date is July 29, 2022. The authors tell us that the novel has something to do with the service’s upcoming shows, although it is not a prequel or sequel.

Release date: September 28, 2022
Original name: Surface
Genres: Drama, Thriller
Cast: Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Stephan James, Ari Graynor
Country: USA
Streaming: AppleTV

Episodes release schedule

Number: Release date:
Season 1 episode 1-3 July 29, 2022
1×4 05.08.2022
1×5 12.08.2022
1×6 19.08.2022
1×7 26.08.2022
1×8 02.09.2022

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