The Gilded Age season 2 – when is the release date?

Julian Phelose is the famous American director who created the series, Downton Abbey. The project was very popular on television and became a great costume drama. Repeatedly Fellows has said in interviews that he dreams of putting on a show about the era, nicknamed the Gilded Age. According to the director, it’s his favorite historical time when the United States was undergoing a redistricting of a familiar way of life. The era took place in the 19th century when on the one hand there were strong old members of the nobility and nobility, and on the other hand, artisans and capitalists who had managed to get rich during the Civil War were actively trying to make their way in elite circles.

The former did not accept the latter, although it became clear that their time was behind them. Development of the series took Fellowes 10 years and initially NBC was interested in it, but the show started on HBO and after 4 episodes were released, it was renewed before the end of the first season. The release date for season 2 of the series The Gilded Age will be in 2023.

The novelty from HBO, although it showed mixed reviews, was generally received warmly and showed the second-best viewing start in recent years, behind only the acclaimed Chernobyl. The release date for the sequel is 2023. According to the plot, the story in the new series will unfold in 19th century New York. Miriam Brooke is the daughter of a famous Civil War general.

The Gilded Age
After her father’s death, she is left orphaned and without money. The heroine is sent to her wealthy aunts in New York, where she quickly finds herself between two sides – the old and the new nobility. About the attempts to join both and tells the novelty. The season 2 release date for the series The Gilded Age will be in 2023.

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On a trip to New York City, the girl met Peggy Scott. She is a dark-skinned girl from a fairly wealthy family. She could have stayed in the South, but dreams of her own, namely a career as a writer. Through Miriam, she meets her aunt and enlists her services, realizing that by working for a man known in New York City’s highest circles, she will be able to make useful connections.

At the same time, her aunt’s distant relatives, the Russell family, arrive at Miriam’s new abode. They are the same rich capitalists who embody everything that is hated about the new rich people. The heroine will have to decide – to join the Russells and fall into the disgrace of her aunt, which may negatively affect her future, or to accept the boring rules of the aunts. The release date of the new episodes is 2023.

Release date: 2023 (in production)
Original name: The Gilded Age
Episodes: 9
Cast: Christine Baranski, Carrie Coon, Louisa Jacobson Gummer, Denée Benton
Streaming: HBO

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