The Handmaid’s Tale season 5 – when is the release date?

The popular TV series The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu TV channel only increases the number of fans with the release of new seasons. The management of the Hulu TV channel announced the continuation of the show, and the release date of the 5th season of the drama series The Handmaid’s Tale will take place on September 14, 2022. The channel’s management has repeatedly stressed that the project is one of the most successful because the number of views of new episodes about the servant’s story breaks records.

After the release of the announcement of the extension of the series The Handmaid’s Tale for season 5, the release date of the new series will take place in August 2022, for sure. The writers have enough material to film the fifth season. Although most of them doubt it.

The idea of ​​the film adaptation of the popular novel by the Canadian writer appeared a long time ago, but each time it was necessary to put aside the written script for various reasons. In 2016, the plot was approved, and the channel ordered the first 9 episodes. The presentation made the authors happy, because not only film critics, but also the audience highly appreciated the first episodes. After a short pause, it was reported that filming had already begun for the sequel. Recently, fans found out that work on the final part about the servant has already been done and the footage has been submitted for editing.

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The government is changing in the country. The Republic of Gallard is now run by officers. People are deprived of the opportunity to express their opinions. Anyone who tries to resist the power of the military is sent to prison. Also, due to the deterioration of the eclogue, not all women can endure and give birth to a healthy child. In order not to allow humanity to be on the verge of extinction, a decision is made to make the child-bearing young ladies servants. Now a kind of surrogate mothers appears in the families of officers. After the birth of a baby in one family, the maid goes to another.

The Handmaid's Tale
June Osborne becomes one of those “lucky women” who manage to carry a healthy legacy. After the change of government, the heroine’s family is destroyed. Now the husband is imprisoned, and the woman and her daughter are sent to different colonies. June finds out that the rules are less strict in another country, so she needs to go there with her daughter. In order for the conceived to be realized, the parent will need to find her daughter, and this is not so easy to accomplish. Is the maid ready to withstand the upcoming trials and get out to a safer place?

In case of the extension of the series The Handmaid’s Tale for season 5, the release date will take place in 2022. There is no doubt that the fans’ interest will not fade. Only one trailer for the upcoming season was watched by a lot of people, so the success of the continuation is guaranteed.

Release date: September 14, 2022
Original name: Andor
Episodes: 12
Cast: Elisabeth Moss, Yvonne Strahovski, Joseph Fiennes, Ann Dowd, Madeline Brewer
Streaming: Disney+

Episodes release schedule

Number: Release date:
5×1 “Morning” September 14, 2022
5×2 “Ballet” 14.09.2022
5×3 “Maypole” 21.09.2022
5×4 “Dear Offred” 2022
5×5 “Fairytale” 2022
5×6 “Together” 2022
5×7 “No Man’s Land” 2022
5×8 “Motherland” 2022
5×9 “Allegiance” 2022
5×10 “Safe” 2022

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